Dream Meanings

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A place where one works out situations with a feeling of being on familiar ground, a controllable situation. Can resolve issues never done in school or use those old solutions to apply to current situation. For teens its the backdrop for many social issues.

A response provoked by many dreams to get someone to externalize with held emotions.

Search and not find: Instills the need to find something that is lacking within. Can be spiritual or need for self-examination. Search and find: Signal of accomplishment and self-capability.

The most powerful instinct in the human psyche. Satisfy a natural desire when sex is absent in waking life. With someone you like platonically: Affirming a close relationship. With someone you do not like: Time to moderate those negative feelings about them. With the same sex: Can be yourself dealing with your male/ female counterpart. The part of you that you don't like.

Your own shadow: Your higher Self participates with you. Your counterpart (shadow) personality that you are trying to integrate with.

Emotional threat to self or other person.

Cleansing one self from things that affect the emotions. Relief from stressed emotions.

Things that appear to you as a "sign" require paying attention to. There may be a message there for you.

Sense of losing the battle to provoke one to fight on.

Exaggerated sizes of things are to get your attention. Examine them in detail.

Instills a sense of instability and tenuous related to the subject involved.

An recurring issue that has not been resolved yet. Can involve treachery or sense of betrayal.

Fearful: Overpowering and puzzling situation or circumstances that makes no sense to you. Happy: Feeling that you have help that is out of this world, there is more than the material powers in the current civilization.

Little annoying or irritating things that are left undone. Can be a fear of gossipy things said about you - or the consequences of gossip you engaged in regarding someone else.

spirits or ghosts
Connections with another world. Fear: You need to address your fears about death or of the unknown. Vivid images of family members contain messages for you. Spirit images of loved ones try to console those they left behind. Negative spirits challenge you to address your fear, chase them away and you won.

stairsv Take you to another level of understanding or progress in your spiritual, emotional or material life.

The thing left undone or being avoided wants to be addressed.

You steal: A bit of dishonesty comes to your attention. Someone steals from you: Dealing with your own loss of material or emotional belongings.

At peace and comfortable with one's emotions. Things are under control.

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