A to Z of Gem Stones

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Red Agate
Believed to soothe the nerves and quiet the mind of the person who carried this stone.

Change. Gives one confidence while making desired changes. Very supportive. One can make large changes very quickly with this stone.

Emotional support. Helps one take the next step emotionally. This stone has been dubbed "the stone of love" because it is supposed to be able to help a person achieve everything to their greatest potential. It is said to allow a person to feel unconditional love on a physical level. It was believed to be able to dispel anxiety and promote coherence, and enable the user to possess an observant nature which allowed them to focus all of their attention to details and interrelationships.

Love; Open the heart. It allows me to overcome fear. Carrier of the red ray. Considered regal and sacred, in ancient India the ruby was called the "king of gems." In England, it was once used for coronation rings. Ancient Hindus once thought that if they offered them to the god Krishna, they would be reborn as an emperor. It was said that if you dreamed of a ruby, it indicated success in business and good fortune in money matters. Long ago it was believed that a ruby could protect you from all kinds of witchcraft, plague, and famine if it was worn on the left side. It has also been said to be able to attract favors from those in authority, be able to give the wearer control of their passions, to preserve the strength in your body, return possessions to their rightful owners, and end quarrels between friends. People used to think that if you washed a ruby in water, that water could be used to relieve stomach cramps.

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