A to Z of Gem Stones

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Changes. Uplifts and opens the heart.

Tiger's Eye
Once believed to defeat sorcery in all its forms and inspire courage. It was especially recommended for people who are shy or timid because it could give them self-confidence to make them become strong and assertive.

Known as the "Stone of strength," people believed that if you wore topaz it could protect you from any and all accidents that you may encounter when you traveled, keep you from becoming injured in a fire, and get rid of all fears of death. It was also believed that if you wore it on your left arm or hung it around your neck it could break all enchantments that may have been cast upon you, bring you loads of money, and enable you to receive impressions from astral sources.

Believed that if a person carried or wore tourmaline, it could help to rid the person of fears and melancholy, attract favors from other people, insure that your friends were loyal, and encourage clear thinking.

Tourmaline Green
Promote male balance and physical healing.

Tourmaline pink
Promote female balance and protection.

For centuries, turquoise was considered a highly esteemed gem. It was admired by the Egyptians for its very distinct color. It is the national stone of Iran (Persia) and has decorated the thrones and the attire of high officials. In Tibet, its' role is comparable to that of jade in China. Turquoise was a commodity more valuable than gold to the Aztecs. It was so highly regarded by European men that they did not consider their hand to be well adorned unless they wore a fine turquoise. It was once believed to be able to draw evil to itself and away from the person that the evil was intended for. Because of this fact, it was a popular amulet, but it has many other attributes as well associated with it. It was said to be able to ward off the Evil Eye and warn of approaching death by changing its' color. Also taunted to be able to protect from poison, snake bites, and eye troubles. People also believed that if you drank the water from which a turquoise had been dipped in, it would cure a weak bladder problem.

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