A to Z of Angel Names

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Please note that some names will differ worldwide, so please have patience, and if you feel a name is wrong or is missing, please use the WhisperingWorlds Forum or contact me.

Angel of Integrity
Haamaiah guides us to make ethical decisions and enlightens us to the will to express our true selves and the courage to hear and understand other people's feelings.

Angel of Love
His name means "majesty or greatness of God". He is the angel assigned as gatekeeper at the second gate in heaven. This angel's mission is to awaken our memory of eternal love.

Angel of Kindness
Hael inspires art, beauty and kindness in mankind.

Hamaliel / Humatiel
Angel of Logic
Angel of the month of August, one of the rulers of the orders of virtue. This luminous one presides over the sun sign of Virgo, and aids us in increasing our abilities to think in an orderly and logical manner

Angel of Miracles
Hamied is a glorious angel of such white that only his incredible eyes can be seen shining through. Hamied carries the essence of the Christ Light. He watches over us, waiting for opportunities to create a miracle in our life. His mission is to spark the memory of our divinity through his examples.

Angel of Harmonious Love
Meaning "grace or glory of God", many believe Haniel to be an archangel. He inspires us to be balanced in a a loving relationship.

Angel of Knowledge
Harahel opens our hearts and minds to new ideas. A guiding spirit who enlightens that knowledge is useless without wisdom and that wisdom generates kindness and love.

Angel of Wild Animals
This angel protects the wild animals of the earth. Hayyel teaches mankind that just as angels were created to watch over humans, humans are to caretake and love animals.

Herchel / Verchiel
Angel of Affection
Angel of the month of July, ruler of the sign Leo, He is also one of the rulers of the order of powers (potentates, authorities, dynamis) He is also the governor of the sun, gives powers of the intellect, language, learning and math. Verchiel offers the gifts of nobility and affection. He grants us a generous heart and special protection.

Humiel / Hamael
(Hanael, Haniel, Aniel, Onoel-"glory or grace of God" or "he who sees God")
Angel of Dignity
Humiel / Hamael angel of the month of December, chief of the order of principalities, virtues, and innocents, presides over the sun sign Capricorn and Venus, he encourages persistence, practicality and a sense of dignity.

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