A to Z of Angel Names

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Please note that some names will differ worldwide, so please have patience, and if you feel a name is wrong or is missing, please use the WhisperingWorlds Forum or contact me.

Machidiel / Malchediel / Malchidiel
Angel of Courage (Fullness of God)
Governing angel of the month of March, also ruler of the sign of Aries. In Enoch 1 Machidiel is called Melkejal: he "rises and rules in the beginning of the year" and exercises dominion "for 91 days, from spring to summer". In cabalistic writings, Machidiel is one of the 4 angelic personifications of the holy sefira Malkut, the three other personifications being Sandalphon, Messiah, and Emmanuel. In grimoire conjurations, Prince Machidiel, as he is referred to, may be commanded to send the invocant the maiden of his desire; and if the invocant will fix the time and place, "the maiden invoked will not fail to appear."

Angel of Self Discipline
Maion inspires self discipline, maturity and the ability to work hard.

Angel of the Oceans
This celestial being protects and guides the animals, fish and plant life that dwell in the sea. He encourages us to get in touch with our deep inner wisdom which some refer to as a psychic ability.

Angel of Peace
This heavenly being is the chief angel of the order of virtues. In angelic lore he is considered a celestial virtue of great grace whose function in heaven is like the one Christ has on earth.

Angel of Thought
His name literally means "the throne beside the throne of God." He is considered one of the most important archangels who led the children out of Israel and also stopped Abrahamfrom sacrificing his son, Isaac. Metatron helps us communicate with God and brings God'spresence to us and opens up our hearts in order to better receive this guidance. Responsible for supervising the Akashic Records, a special archive where all our thoughts and deeds are recorded upon a screen of mental essence.

Angel of the Divine Plan
Micah watches over spiritual evolution, seeking every opportunity to reveal God's Divine Plan and reveal the next steps of our life purpose.

Angel of Miracles
Michael is an archangel who strengthens the spirit during difficult times or dangerous situations. His name means "he who is like God" and he is the chief over the dominion order of virtues, angel of repentance, righteousness, ruler of the fourth heaven and conquerer of Satan. It is commonly believed that Michael was the angel that Moses communicated with in the burning bush and that he also saved Daniel from the lion's den. He inspires truth, patience and love in the human heart. In Roman Catholic tradition, Michael is considered to be the patron angel of policemen, guiding and guarding them as they protect us. He is also thought to be the one who gently leads our souls to heaven.

Angel of Loyalty
As an angel of loyalty and fidelity, Mihael guides us to grow with these virtues, and leads us to friends who are trustworthy and loyal.

Angel of Friendship
This angel serves humanity by granting platonic love, friendship and companionship. He encourages us to heal friendships that have gone astray. Also responsible for bringing people together who have similar life aspirations.

Angel of Longevity
Mumiah is traditionally believed to grant health, vigor and longevity.

Munkir & Nakir
Angels of Justice
Munkir and Nakir are two blue-eyed black angels found in Muslim tradition. Their special job is to examine the souls of the recently departed to determine if they are worthy of a place in paradise.

Angel of Emotions
As an angel who holds dominion over the sun sign of Cancer , she encourages awareness and the ability to get in touch with our deepest feelings.

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