A to Z of Angel Names

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Please note that some names will differ worldwide, so please have patience, and if you feel a name is wrong or is missing, please use the WhisperingWorlds Forum or contact me.

Angel of Water
As an angel who presides over water, we can appeal to this angel for clarity of thought, purity and serenity of heart. This calming angel grants tranquility to our minds and relieves fears and phobias.

Angel of Imagination
This divine being is an angel who holds dominion over imagination, to visualize, thus transforming our own lives and the world around us.

Angel of Souls
Sammael is considered both an evil and good angel, he is known as the chief ruler of the fifth heaven. He is known to be the angel sent by God to carry the soul of Moses at the time of his death.

Angel of Power
Sandalphon is a great angel prince. He oversees the many powers given to the Seraphim including strength, abundance, beauty and the joy of living. Sandalphon provides wisdom and self-forgiveness in accepting our many gifts. He guides us through our life story to feel what we need to do in finding the fears and imbalances which prevent us from accepting our personal power.

Angel of Guidance
One of the seven archangels, his name meaning "God's command", he is responsible for the lot of angels that violate God's sacred ordinances. Sariel is considered the prince of presence and an angel of healing. This celestial being is associated with the skies and holds dominion over the sun sign, Aries.

Seraphiel Also Serapiel
The chief or prince of the high angelic order of the seraphim.
One of the most resplendent of all angels, he is described as having the face of an angel and the body of an eagle, which is full of eyes so many in number that they cannot be counted, each shining forth like the morning star. As chief of the seraphim, Seraphiel has the main duty of standing by his angelic charges and teaching them every manner of song, psalm, and chant in eternal praise to God.

Angel of Unity and Unconditional Love
A female angel who always stays close to humankind, inspiring mortals to be just and fair, bringing balance and harmony to our minds and spiritual being. Her name means "bride of the Lord" and she is charged with redeeming us from evil and leading us back to God so that we may be liberated and cleansed in the eternal light.

Angel of Gratitude
Shemael inspires feelings of gratitude and thankfulness, and by doing so, helps us grow closer to all angels. He fills our hearts with serenity and love of life.

Angel of Purity
Shushienae is responsible for assisting us in achieving purity of body and mind by infusing us with her gentle, cleansing energy of love. She calls to the other angels at dawn to direct the flow of prana to nourish people, plants and animals, keeping them vibrant and protected.

Angel of Nature
Sofiel fosters a love of nature in human hearts.

Soqed Hozi
Angel of Partnership
Soqed Hozi is the keeper of divine balances, holding the balance of feeling and truth in our lives through our partners. This angel inspires and energizes intimate relationships and provides insight and courage when tough decisions need to be made about these relationships.

Angel of Obedience
An archangel in Judeo-Christian tradition, the angel who set the world in motion, and the angel who carries the soul away following death.

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