WhisperingWorlds has implemented a Site Award scheme.

Awards will be offered to personal/professional sites with unique content. Sites will be viewed for their script, images, layout and quality of content.
You do not need to be a site owner to apply for an award, if you would like to recommend a site, please feel free to do so. All submissions will be considered, site content is not limited as all site catergories apply

All awards will be personalised

To apply for an WhisperingWorlds award please Click Here

Award 1

Fairy True Believer Site Award

Award 2

Rose of the Web Site Award

Award 3

Goddess Site Award


Award 4

True Wiccan Site Award

Award 5

Fantastic Fantasy Site Award

Award 6

Treasure of the Web Site Award Site Award

Award 7

Wiccan Goddess Site Award

Award 8

Heart of the Web Site Award

Award 9

Light of the Web Site Award

You may resize an award to suit your site
Under no circumstances should an award be altered in any other way
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Whispering Worlds will *NOT* review sites that contain *adult and/or offensive material*