Dosha Test

Vata Vayu (air) and Akasha (ether/space)
Agni The Energy (fire) and Jal (water)
Jal (water) and Prithvi (earth)

Read the descriptions – factors in the left-hand column, and then tick the choice that best describes you from the right-hand columns.
If you feel that you have characteristics from more than one section, feel free to tick both.
Add up each column and mark the total number of qualities you have chosen under each of the three sections, add up your totals and the highest total is your Dosha Type
This is only a guide and you should note that your Dosha will change with your lifestyle.

Body Frame Thin, bony, tall or short
Medium, balanced
Large, broad
Weight Low
Skin Dry, rough, cool, dull
Soft, oily, warm, ruddy
Thick, moist, cold, pale
Hair Dark, dry, curly
Soft, oily, fair/red
Thick, oily, wavy
Teeth Protruding, big, uneven
Moderate, yellowish
Strong, even, white
Nails Rough, dry, brittle, bitten
Soft, pink, strong
Soft, large, white
Eyes Small, dull, dry, nervous
Sharp, penetrating
Big, thick lashes
Appetite Variable, small
Good, regular
Slow and steady
Thirst Variable
Elimination Dry, hard, constipated
Soft, oily, loose
Thick, heavy, slow
Urine Frequent but sparse
Yellow, copious
Infrequent, average
Sweat Minimal
Profuse, pungent in odor
Slow to begin, heavy
Pulse Weak, erratic
Stable, strong
Slow, smooth
Circulation Variable, poor, sluggish
Sleep Light, disturbed, minimal
Sound, moderate
Heavy, excessive
Speech Rapid, high or hoarse voice
Sharp, cutting, loud
Slow, harmonious
Libido Varies, directed in fantasy
Passionate, excessive
Slow but strong, loyal
Immunity Variable, poor
Activity High, restless, mobile
Moderate, directed
Minimal, slow
Endurance Minimal
Mind Restless, curious
Aggressive, clever
Calm, slow
Memory Short term
Sharp, good
Long term
Routine Dislikes
Enjoys planning
Adaptable, tolerates
Faith Erratic, changeable
Steady, devoted
Dreams Frequent, fearful
Fiery, violent, vivid
Romantic, calm
Opinions/Moods Variable, fluctuate
Expresses forcefully
Changes slowly
Finances Poor, spends rapidly
Moderate, buys luxuries
Rich, thrifty
Hobbies Travel, art, philosophy
Sports, politics, luxuries
Serene, leisurely types
Food Simple, sparse, snacks
Requires regular meals
Gourmet, luxury, fatty
Creativity Original, fertile
Technical, scientific
Sensitivities Cold, wind, dryness
Heat, sun, fires
Cold, damp, humidity
Temperament Nervous, insecure, shy
Determined, motivated
Conservative, resilient

Once you have your totals, this should give you a rough idea of what your Dosha is.
There are several types of Dosha and if you return to the main Ayurvedic page hopefully you will find out more about your Dosha
As you learn more about your body, it is important to get an understanding of your Chakra, another ancient form of healing, to learn more, try my Chakra Guide

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