25 Most Common Dreams And Their MEANINGS

Have you ever wondered about common dreams and their meanings? Do these dreams even have meaning or are they simply a result of something you ate? Maybe, these dreams are your mind’s way of communicating with you? We’re about to explore these questions and more on today’s list. These are 25 most common dreams and their meanings.

Many people throughout history have turned to dreams for some sort of guidance. Even today you can find fortune tellers and people who claim to be able to tell you what your dreams mean. But dream interpretations don’t have to be a mystical thing, it could simply be your mind warning you in ways that you’d understand. Take a look at this common dreams and their interpretations (and our photo credits and sources) and leave a comment on the video letting us know which of these common dreams you have had:


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Have you had a dream where you are being chased? How about that all too common dream where you find yourself falling in an endless abyss? Though these are scary, these dreams may be your subconscious trying to tell you something. But what could it be? What could our subconscious be trying to say with dark looming figures, dreams of being in a relationship, or even dreaming about babies? On today’s list, we will give you the answer to these and even more common dreams! These are 25 most common dreams and their meanings.

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