3 Free Wiccan Spells You Can Do Now

Here are 3 free wiccan spells that you can perform right now. Remember that the key to success with any spell, be it paid or free wiccan spells is the person doing the spell and their own natural power. The more you study and the more you practice and get in tune with the world around you, the more powerful even the most simple of spells will be for you. The second element of success with free wiccan spells is the emotion. A spell with no emotion is as useful as a car with no gas. You have to develop your own innate power within yourself, and you have to learn to direct your emotional energy in the direction of the spell.

First Free Wiccan Spells – Wish Granter

This spell helps you to gain that which you desire. Start by drawing a hexagram on a piece of black paper. Place a black candle in the middle of the hexagram and light it. Stare into the flame of the candle as you focus on that thing which you desire and say.

“By the power of the angels,

Let my desire become true.

My wish is your command,

And I will get what I want.”

Repeat this until you have done it a total of 9 times while continuing to focus on your desire.

Second Free Wiccan Spells – Peace Of Mind Spell

This will give you peace of mind from the problems that trouble you. Start by taking four pink candles and placing them in the cardinal directions. Place a white candle in the middle of the four pink candles. Take five pieces paper and on four of them, write four problems that plague you right now. On the fifth piece of paper write the following.

“Take my problems, let them be gone. I will have peace, before to long.”

Take each of the pieces of paper with a problem on them and burn each one on each of the pink candles. It would be smart to have your cauldron or a fire proof container near by so that you can let the paper burn without burning your house down. Burning your house down will not give you peace of mind. One piece of paper per pink candle. As you burn them, say the saying that you wrote on the fifth piece of paper. With the fifth piece of paper, after having burnt the other four, burn it on the white candle while again saying the above statement. Take the ashes out and scatter them to the wind.

The Third Free Wiccan Spells – Make It Rain

Go outside, some where that you will be left alone and recite the following. As you do so, imagine the rain clouds coming in and the rain beginning to fall. Repeat this 3, 5, 7, or 9 times.

“I summon the ancients,

I invoke thee!

Waters from the sky,

Let it be.

I command thee now,

To thee all.

Listen to my desire,

Let the rain fall!”

I hope you enjoy these free wiccan spells. I know that I love creating spells, doing spells, practicing rituals, and sharing information with other people. The more I study, the more I practice, the more I learn, the more I become in tune with the world around me. The more I get in tune the more I realize and see, and the more powerful I become, and so do my spells. It is important that you always continue to learn and grow and find resources that will teach you.

Source by A. Bachman

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