Angels – Angel of Being

To BE is to exist as both energy and as a physical vessel, the keeper of our Soul Essence of Light, Love and Truth.

The Angel of Being chooses to remain nameless because the intention is for you to associate and connect with that part of your existence that is pure energy, light and unconditional love, transcending identification with human ego.

A State of Being is a blend of our conscious and sub-conscious minds. In this energetic space where the two minds intersect, we are able to experience a sense of total and complete Oneness.

In that somewhat elusive State of Oneness, there is a sense of nothingness. This nothingness is not lack in any form, thought or emotion. It is simply and completely all-encompassing, a blend of light and dark and all things in between.

In this space we know all, see all and are all. We are pure energy… pure thought, capable of conjuring or manifesting immediate and endless supply.

In truth this omnipotent gift is within and around us to honor our every request. We have chosen to set aside this truth through the ages in an attempt to control our very existence, manipulating Universal Law to benefit only the most powerful among us.

The Angel of Being asks each of us to let go and abandon the desire to dominate and control every aspect of life as we know it.

We are encouraged to consciously manage our thoughts, emotions and actions, surrendering that which does not and never has served our Higher-Self and that of our Divine Purpose.

This Angel’s energy is omnipotent and omnipresent. The Angel of Being can only be accessed through meditation and in a state of balance and peaceful harmony.

He is all powerful and benevolent, extending his hand to us, guiding our minds and hearts to that inner sanctuary of our Soul Essence and that of our Soul Purpose.

This part of our journey requires us to be mindful that we not only seek to heal our own inner shadow-self, we also seek to heal the planet through love the highest vibration… that of Divine Source.

I am blessed to be able, at times, to experience a sense of tranquility that is truly beyond expressing in words. It is a space in which there are truly no limits, only a sense of wonder at the peacefulness on all levels of knowing.

Even so, I asked how to share this experience so others are able to identify their experience of Being.

Many, many years ago my family lived in Hawaii and I was in school here on the mainland, I experienced for the first time this sense of utter calm and peacefulness.

I was going to school in Columbia, Missouri. In the winter-time I wore 2 pairs of socks to keep my feet warm. One morning I woke to find what I can only describe as a winter-wonderland!

As I walked outside, there was a quiet to profound it filled me with a stillness unlike anything I had known before.

The trees were wrapped in ice, creating a kaleidoscope of rainbows dancing on the thick blanket of white covering the ground.

I remember standing completely still; nothing else existed except this slowing of time. I turned slowly to take in as much of this amazing scene as possible. To this day, I need only close my eyes to re-connect with that experience. It felt like I was in a snow globe. Everything was still… no people, no footprints in the snow… no noise of any kind. Needless to say I was late for class and I simply didn’t care! Not that day.

To connect with the Angel of Being, think back to a time when everything in your life was in full and complete alignment. If you don’t have such memories, imagine a place where you can remove the mask you present to the world as your truth and step out of your skin for just a few moments.

Surrender Ego in all its forms and become one with Divine Source, co-creating with wisdom, love and compassion in its purest form.

Source by Terrie Marie

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