Angels – Angel Of The Sacred Inner-Self Orifiel

The Sacred Inner-Self is also known as the Divine Flame within or the Spark of Divinity. It is in this inner-intuitive-sanctum that our Soul Essence, the utter and complete truth of who we are, connects us with the Universe and a profound sense Oneness with Angels and Source itself.

Within the sacredness of our Inner-Self, we’re able to float in total surrender, trusting that all our need, wants and desires are met, exceeding all expectations imaginable.

This is where we are asked to open our minds and hearts, accepting as truth all that is shared with us.

We often speak about connecting with or tapping into our inner-intuitive guidance only to discount or de-value what we receive and ourselves in the process.

The degree with which we are open to receive and trust, is the degree of depth of our ability to receive all we have asked for and claim as part of our Divine Birthright.

Orifiel is our guide to connecting more fully and completely with our elusive, Sacred Inner-Self and our innate intuitive gifts, unlocking our Divine Birthright of being fully present, co-creating our truth into physical matter… manifesting our heart’s desires.

His robes are golden-read, trimmed in Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires. Orifiel radiates a sense of sacredness into our open hearts.

Everyone I have ever spoken with, whether they are on their Spiritual Path or not, crave that feeling of being whole and complete.

The Angel of the Sacred Inner-Self, Orifiel, will help you go deep within to touch your Soul Essence, re-igniting the Flame of Divinity within.

Ask Orifiel to help you step out of your comfort zone of fear and doubt, laced with lack, delay and disbelief.

Ask for the roadmap into your Inner-Self and prepare yourself for what begins to transform from Spirit into definite concrete shape in your Earthly experience.

Only when we are truly willing to leave everything behind us — fear and doubts, chaos and confusion, feelings of betrayal and abandonment — can we fully embrace the unparalleled magic of co-creation.

Source by Terrie Marie

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