Angels – Angel of Trust Assariel

So many of us have or had trust issues. Trust seems to be one of the major reasons we humans fight ourselves and others for control.

We are taught through fear not to trust. We become afraid to trust the unknown. Since we came into this Earthly Realm filled with unconditional love and a sense of openness, we are deeply connected with Spirit and the Angelic Realm.

Coming from the Realm of Spirit into physical form to experience being human, sets up a chain reaction that begins by absorbing beliefs, both positive and negative, through our DNA and becomes embedded within at the cellular level.

Before we go any further, I want to be crystal clear… this is not about blame or finding gault. It is about becoming consciously aware of the root cause and literally choosing to dismantle the old to create a new positive, uplifting reality.

To do this — free ourselves from the past — we must be willing to be willing to walk up to the Lion on our pathway with an open hear and open arms, facing our fears head-on with love and compassion.

It’s another way of turning to face the shadow parts or ourselves that we would rather forget and dis-own. The longer we resist bringing the darkness within us in to our hearts and into the light, we hold ourselves separate from our truth of being whole and complete.

The next step is being willing to acknowledge that we — in human form — are simply not in control because everyone has been gifted with free will, the choice to choose between struggle or surrender.

Choosing surrender does not absolve us from doing our part. It does, however, gift us with a sense of freedom to tap in to the Angelic Realm, to receive the guidance we crave.

Surrender is giving-up negative self-talk and giving-in to a deeper sense of trusting that we are genuinely connected with the pureness of our Soul Essence, unconditional love, peace and harmony.

When I was confronting the Lion of distrust, I would imagine floating in a sea of complete and total surrender. I’d close my eyes, focus on my breath cycles and go deep within to that place of peaceful knowing.

Assariel, the Angel of Trust, can help you let go, releasing all your cares, concerns and worries. If floating on your back in the water frightens you, ask this Angel to gently cradle your body, know you are safe and protected at all times.

Ask for help in surrendering fear and doubt, chaos and confusion. Ask for healing at the cellular level, freeing your heart and mind from all that no longer serves your highest and best good.

Trust evokes a sense of bliss, a deep knowing that you are eternally connected and all your material wants, needs and desires are immediately and endlessly supplied under grace, in miraculous ways.

Source by Terrie Marie

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