Angels – Angel Prince of the South Kerkoutha

When I think of South, it brings to mind the rays of the Sun giving light, warmth, strength and a sense of well-being.

The South is also about being grounded because of its position, at what appears to be the bottom on the Wheel of the Four Winds.

Kerkoutha is the Angel Prince of the South, helping us ground excess nervous energy, re-connecting us with our inner-essence and with Mother Earth.

This Angel’s primary specialty is connecting us with Mother Earth, to become grounded while we continue to raise our inner-vibration, taking the next step towards manifesting our dreams, desires and goals.

As we continually push forward against all odds — self-limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, nay-sayers and fear of failure, just to name a few — we get to connect with Mother Earth and take that Leap of Faith all in the same, exquisite moment.

Manifesting also means we are more consciously aware of who we are, what we are doing and where we are going.

It is also about magnetizing our thoughts, emotions and energy to our dreams which in turn helps us — me included — fulfill our purpose here in the Earthly Realm of dense physical matter.

When you ask Kerkoutha to be by your side, you’re asking this Angel Prince to help you melt and dissolve stress and tension, creating space for harmony and alignment.

Grounding is essential for physical health and well-being. The more you tune-in to your physical body — clearing, cleansing and grounding — the more easily you are able to tap in to Angelic energy, honoring the vessel that houses your Spirit, the essence of your Soul… your Spiritual Self.

Mother Earth symbolizes growth both from within and then manifesting in the outer world, in physical form.

One of the ways we, as humans, process what we hear, feel, taste, touch and smell is through the Gift of Sensation. Being grounded gives us the freedom to sense Angelic energy.

To connect with this Angel Prince, close your eyes and imagine roots extending from the soles of your feet deep into Mother Earth, e feet down and 6 feet around. Feel the warmth of Earth energy coming up through your feet and out through your Crown Chakra, connecting you with Kerkoutha.

Angel Prince Kerkoutha is waiting to help you manifest your dreams and live your purpose full-out.

Source by Terrie Marie

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