Animals in Dreams – A Scientific Analysis Concern Dream Interpretation

Animals in dreams have a very important meaning. Usually, they are dream symbols. A dream symbol representations critical information that saves the dreamer from trouble, and provides guidance that enlightens him or her by revealing basic truths.

Animals have a sacred meaning for many different civilizations and populations. They have a magnetic effect on the human being. This is why the unconscious mind that produces our dreams uses many animals in order to send us secret messages in a symbolic form.

These messages should not be understood by the wild side of our conscience because they protect us from its intervention. Our wild and primitive conscience keeps trying to control our behavior, by provoking mental illnesses within the human side of our conscience.

The unconscious mind sends us warnings and information using a symbolic language that we must study, so that we may escape from the traps of our wild conscience and evolve.

You can very easily learn the dream language with my simplification of Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation. I transformed his procedure into a simple method of dream translation from images into words.

Here is a small list of dream symbols based on animals and their meanings:

Bird – The bird is a messenger that brings news to the dreamer. The kind of bird will determine the news it brings. If the bird is wild, the news it brings will be bad. If the bird is peaceful, the news will be good. The bird can also represent a special new person in the dreamer's life.

Cat – When the dreamer sees a cat in a dream this means that he or she is very foolish and has to smack up. The cat is a wise animal.

Dog – Infidelity and immorality are related to the image of dogs in dreams. The dreamer must stop accepting ideas about cheating on his or her partner or having sexual relations with many different partners.

Elephant – Heroism will be in store for the dreamer who sees an elephant in a dream. The dreamer will have to show great courage in a very important matter of his or her life.

Fox – The dreamer who sees a fox in a dream must be careful, because the fox represents a very smart person who could cause him or her many problems. The dream warns that this person is far smarter than the dreamer.

The basic characteristics of each animal's behavior give you information about how you must have. They will also show you the true identity of other people implicated in your life.

You may have a totally different opinion about the people in your life, and this is why the dream symbols work like warnings, showing you things that you ignore, or never really knew about.

There are also dream symbols based on animals that neither represent other people nor indicate the behavior that you must adopt. These are the sacred symbols, like the snake and the swan.

The snake represents a painful situation that has the effect of divine evidence. The dreamer will pass through an embarrassing situation that will serve as a lesson, preventing him or her from repeating his mistakes in the future.

The swan indicates wisdom and spiritual completion. It is a very rare dream symbol reserved for those who have successfully completed dream therapy and have fully developed their sensitivity and sensibility.

Source by Christina Sponias

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