Apostles Earth Angel Series – Introduction – My Earth Angels And "God’s Card Party"

In our lives, on this planet, each of us encounter people that make profound or lasting impressions on us. I call these individuals, that have impacted me, “My Earth Angels”.

Many of My Earth Angels have influenced my development in some “Positive” way.

A few have dealt me “A Bad Card or Two”. They too have taught me what I must learn to look for in future dealings with God’s “Human-kind Creatures” that are not “Naturally” very godly.

Purveyors Of Painful Medicine? You Bet! Did I Survive Their Lessons? I Did! Am I “Better Equipped” For “The Lord’s World”, To Recognize the male “Scoundrels” and /or “Scallywags”, and the women “Jezebels” and “Yet Struggling Saints,” before they can hurt me, as their predecessors have done? Absolutely!!!

Fortunately, the vast majority if not all of my “Earthly Encounters, have been with men and women that fulfilled a “Particular Need”, or “Provided An Enlightening Experience”, in my “Charmed” life. This includes the time that I’ve spent growing up, if I ever do, before the “Last Hand” is dealt.

The “True Stories,” in this Earth Angel Series, are about the individuals, and my subsequent “Learning Experiences,” resulting from God’s use of HIS “Heavenly Angels, as per the 91st Psalm,” to guide me to “Right Teachers” who would “Administer” my needed lessons. This series of brief EzineArticles is about “My Earth Angels.”

And The My Earth Angel Series is about how Lord Jesus IS “The Wild Card,” “Lamb Of God,” that makes God’s “Natural Born, Rule Breaking Players” Into His “Card Trick, Instant Winners.”

Only After realizing their need for the “I’ll Take Their Punishment,” “The Unblemished Sacrifice Jesus,” and having accepted HIM as their own “Personal Savior,” those yet living, ” God’s Earth-Man-Creatures” Must Then Develop “Ears To Hear,”and Exercise Their Faith By Continuing To “Put Their Faith Into Action” When THE HOLY SPIRIT Broadcasts A Message To God’s Church, No Mater Whom HE Chooses to Use As HIS Messenger, Be Him “A Stained Fig Picker”, “A Recognized Evangelical Man Or Woman’s Ministry”, Or Even “A Rascal”.

One Earth Angel story was my “Not-By-Chance-Encounter” with “Raised-From-The-Dead,” Violet St. Martin, whom I met at a FGBMFI (Full Gospel Businessman’s Fellowship International) weekly luncheon. Because I arrived late, I missed her “Testimony.” When Violet overheard me invite a friend to my Home Bible Study, she excused herself from the waiting buyers of her two books at the “Book Signing Table.” Walking over, Violet asked me if I would “Please” pick her up for my study in Washougal where she too lived.. Violet who lived the last days of her Earth Mission near me, had actual photographs of Her Heavenly Angels, who “Miraculously Appeared” or allowed themselves to be captured, to surprise or delight The Lord’s Daughter, in developed prints of photos, taken of her by visitors to her small mobile home. Violet St.Martin Story.

When My Good Buddy, Michael J. Kempf, Retired His “Chicago Motorcycle Gang Patch” to be “Murdered” and “Raised Back To A Life For Jesus,” Little did he know that he would be “Led By Loving Angels to fulfill “A Particular Need” in my back yard and more. Michael J. Kempf Story.

Nor did the Jezebel Spirit resident in My Earth Angel, “Jumping Janet,” suspect that she, and her “Rebellious Spirits” would be used to “Bring Glory To Jesus”, rather Than her “Ever Present, Brilliant Buddha.” “Jumping Janet”.

And Would Believe, This “Janet Involved, Continued Worship Of Buddha” ezine Article? Addressing Janet’s Continuing Idol Worship -“A Rascal’s Warning”.

This Same Janet is The “Unnamed” She Wolf also. If you want to read another, this time the most “Unfaltering” article that I’ve ever published about a specific person, please read about Jezebel Janet by Coping and Pasting the following “Addie” into your browser. But don’t look for another article on the “She Wolf”. I’ve come to realize that I Am not “The Judge” of Janet. The Only Lord Jesus IS Holding That Heavy Card. Janet, and howbeit unseemly her actions or character may seem, are none-the-less in God’s “Understanding Hands,” and Janet is a part of the “Intentionally Confusing” ~*&%#~!~ Awesome God’s GREAT Rigged Game.

http://ezinearticles.com/?Modern-She-Wolf-Jezebel—Apostles-Series:-This-Is-Not-The-Feast&id=357295 She Wolf

It is indeed unlikely that “My Earth Angel Instructors” had any idea of “How” they were “Being Used By God” to “Enlighten Me,” or that they even “Were”.

I believe that I was their instructor too. I dealt them some “Cards” that they needed, to better play their future “Earth-Games”. And I didn’t know that I was even a “Player,” let alone, “The Dealer”.

Perhaps, as one of Our Lord’s “Chosen” Apostles, I will now remember that we are each “Players” in “An Awesome God’s Fixed Game”?

Together, we shared a “Significant Moment” of our Lord’s “Preplanned Earthly Experience”. We were each active participants at “God’s Card Party”.

LuV Ya 🙂

“God’s Playfully Mischievous Apostle, Rascal.”

Rascal Russ Miles :))

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