Asking For and Sending Angels to Others

Our Lady the Madonna, in Her appearance in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia, told the visionsaries that we should keep the four archangels near us always, for protection and guidance.

I had known about St. Michael the Archangel from a young age, for every Mass ended with the well-known prayer to him which begins: "St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the malice and snares of the devil". The prayer was said by the entire congregation, and there was something so comforting in hearing all the adult voices around me reciting this prayer, with its familiar cadences, and the various octaves of the human voice represented in that wonderful unison. This practice was abandoned after Vatican II, which may help to explain the sorry state of the world since.

I have read that St.. Michael protected entire towns from the bubonic plague, and that one can ask him to deliver souls to Heaven. From my readings I also learned that. Michael is supposed to fight the final battle against Lucifer – so sometimes I pray for St. Paul. Michael, that he is able to defeat Lucifer when the time comes.

From reading books about Padre Pio and certain other Catholic saints, I learned that angels can both be summoned and sent, and for many diverse reasons. Clairvoyantly I can see them come when we call on them, and they do come immediately. In my experience, they can act as messengers, protectors, healers, and also as guides or teachers.

Not only can we ask for an angel, we can ask for legions of angels. But I am getting ahead of myself, let me clarify what I have already written.

In my work for the Distant Healing Network, or for friends, or others who come to me for healing, I will often ask that angels be sent to them. I will ask angels to help the doctors during their operation, or in diagnosing their condition; I send angels to those in difficult or painful situations, physical, emotional, material or spiritual; I ask that angels help someone secure a better job if in financial distress; I send angels to mend broken lives and families and relationships. And if someone is terminally ill, I ask that angels comfort them and later protect and guide them when they transition to other realms. I send angels to my fellow beings for just about everything one could imagine. More often than not the results are immediate, and people will thank me for the angels I have asked for. Sometimes people will feel the presence of the angel I send them. Some people have even seen them. One woman wrote that the angel had appeared to her, and he even told her his name.

When people telephone me or write to me about a missing person or animal I send angels to find them and bring them home. I ask angels to protect people on their journeys. Every day I read the New York Times and our local newspaper and send angels where they are needed, whether it be an earthquake or flood somewhere in the world, or some man-made disaster such as war, or some other evil aggression. Since the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, I have asked Our Lady, Queen of the Angels, to send legions of Her angels to help the world fight terrorism wherever it exists, to rid the earth of this terrible danger. I ask Our Lady to send legions of angels to earth, to help and protect wherever needed. I try to do this at least once each day. I have asked that angels be permanently stationed at various points in Ithaca where people in the past have jumped off one of our many bridges – and basically I consider the angels our trusted protectors and healers, and I turn to them whenever and where they are needed .

In addition to thanking the Divine Angels when I call on them, I try to remember to thank them at other times as well. When I do this, often I clairvoyantly see an angel come and bow his head as though in gratitude. In general, I have found that the angels have far more Respect for us than we could ever have for ourselves. Respect, not in the sense that we personally deserve it, but rather that we are the soul, that we are made in the image of God. It is like no relationship I have ever known on earth, a relationship entirely full of grace and honesty, and purity of intent and action – for that is their very nature.

My prayers are simple: "Dear Angels, please fix the problems within _____ 's family, so that they live in peace and harmony once again." Or: "My dear Holy Angels, please help ______ find the perfect job". Or: "Mary, Mother of God, please send legions of Your angels to earth today, to rid the earth of all evil."

My prayers are not the most beautiful, nor the most substantial – but the angels always do seem to go where I ask, and with remarkable results.

Source by Laurie Conrad

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