Ayurvedic Remedies for Piles

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 That more and more patients are seeking Ayurvedic remedies for piles and digestive problems should be of no surprise.  The overwhelming majority of Americans consume a diet that lacks the proper amount of fiber and calcium for ideal waste processing, in addition to spending much of their time sitting down in front of a television or a computer screen.  As such, piles — also known as hemorrhoids — are a major cause of concern for countless people.

 Ayurvedic medicine stresses the importance of having the three body elements, or dosha, in proper balance.  The pitta dosha controls all metabolic and waste functioning; those with malfunctioning pitta dosha should seek Ayurvedic treatment for piles that will address the imbalance.  

The Ayurvedic cure for piles is not a straightforward application of tonic or a change in diet.  Unlike Western medicine, Ayurvedic treatment focuses on body, mind and spirit, ensuring that the change taking place is physical, emotional and spiritual.  This keeps the elements in straightforward function and reduces the chance of any sickness including hemorrhoids.  Patients suffering from piles can address their pitta dosha imbalances while also taking steps towards enjoying less stress and improved circulation.

Internal piles are, appropriately, located inside the large intestine and may be painful or itchy.  For internal piles, the pitta dosha must be altered so that the metabolic process does not trigger further inflammations or blockages.  The major change to make in regards to an imbalanced pitta dosha requires dietary changes that include natural herbs, seeds, fruit and other treatments.  

Sesame seeds are the easiest and most commonly advocated treatment, as they are inexpensive and tasty while producing natural oil that lubricates and soothes the digestive tract. Sesame seed oil has the advantage of not being absorbed into the body, and thus passing through along with the other waste upon finishing digestion.  

Baeal fruit is a common tonic used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat piles. It does so as the juice of the fruit stokes the pitta dosha and remedies the imbalances in digestive function.  Mixing the juice with water, eating the fruit raw, or adding strips of fruit to sugar and butter are all an excellent means of combating internal piles.  Indeed, butter has such a calming effect on internal piles that it can be taken by itself or with water and salt to increase the lubrication of the large intestine.

External piles are located around the rectum, causing extreme discomfort for patients, to the point where they cannot even sit down.  For external hemorrhoids, an Ayurvedic piles ointment can be applied directly for instant relief, suppression of pain and reduction of inflammation.  While dietary changes will help moderately with external piles, the best solution is Ayurvedic medicine for hemorrhoids.  Kasisadi Tailam powder, mixed with water or oil, can be applied on external piles to increase blood flow and relieve pressure.  Likewise, Charac herbs crushed and mixed with butter should be coated to affected areas before and after using the bathroom.

The key to relieving the stress, pain, and fiery outbursts of piles lies in Ayurvedic solutions for dosha imbalances.  By treating the underlying fluctuations of body elements, it is possible to maintain a healthy digestive system along with a superior metabolism and less stress throughout the body.  Ayurvedic remedies for piles are some of the most efficient means of treating a symptom, but go further to improve whole body wellness.

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