Ayurvedic Remedies to Bring Down Prolactin Levels As Female Infertility Treatment

A normal secretion of prolactin hormone ensures a healthy change in breasts supporting the production of breast milk during pregnancy. The anterior pituitary gland produces the prolactin hormone and plays an important role during pregnancy, lactation, and delivery. Prolactinoma or high prolactin is the condition when the pituitary gland produces excess of prolactin hormone.

There are many causes of prolactinoma, like ill effects of drugs, hypothyroid disease, and pituitary tumours. High prolactin can also be seen in women who have not conceived or nursing. Some common symptoms in such women are breast pain and enlargement, irregular periods, and sudden milk production. In men, hyperprolactinemia or prolactinoma can cause erectile dysfunction and infertility. Natural treatments for prolactinoma should be done under expert supervision and guidance with safe and secured measures.

Symptoms of Prolactinoma

In general, no major symptoms or signs are found for this abnormality. As prolactinoma involves too much production of prolactin hormone, it majorly affects the female reproductive system. There are many symptoms of prolactinoma that applies to both men and women.

This abnormality is more pronounced in women than in men. All the more so, because it is easy to notice the symptoms like disruption in the monthly menstruation cycles of women.

The General Symptoms in Women and Men

  • Decrease in bone density
  • Zero interest in copulation
  • Impaired vision and headaches
  • Poor production of many essential hormones
  • Infertility.

In women, excess prolactin hormone causes irregular menstrual cycle. Other symptoms like breasts discharging milky liquid even when someone is not breast feeding or pregnant, excess hair growth, painful intercourse, dry vagina,can be noticed.

In men some common symptoms include enlarged breast, erectile dysfunction,and reduced growth of beard and moustaches.

Reasons of Prolactinoma

The cause of the pituitary gland dysfunction is not exactly known. But according to popular belief, it is due to the various side effects of medications. Other reasons of pituitary gland abnormality include imbalance in thyroid levels, tumour in pituitary gland, injured chest, and dysfunctional adrenal gland. In women, breastfeeding and even pregnancy can lead to prolactinoma.

Diagnosis of Prolactinoma

After careful analysis of the possible symptoms of prolactinoma, your doctor would confirm whether you possess prolactinoma through some tests. These tests include MRI scan, regular blood tests, routine vision check, etc.

Treating Prolactinoma with Ayurveda

There are several ways that can be applied to treat prolactinoma or lower down the prolactin level to normal level. But expensive and complicated treatments like surgery and high doses of medication can further aggravate the situation with their added side effects. In order to obtain safe and long term solutions, Ayurveda offers excellent, effective, and no side effect ways for a holistic health solution to.

With its rich and ancient history of treating ailments through nature, Ayurveda offers great alternative to control the prolactinoma disorder naturally. Since Ayurveda uses natural elements, its medicines come free of any kind of side effects. Ayurveda aims to purify our physical system not only from inside, but also works to purify, energize, and rectify our life forces. Through the principal of balancing our whole system, Ayurveda involves the use of various precious and rare herbs to clean our system.

The science of Ayurveda says that tumour forms in the pituitary gland due to doshas like vata dosha and Kapha dosha. Vata dosha causes faulty cell function whereas Kapha dosha aids the development of tumour cells. When these two doshas are rectified and balanced with the help of Ayurveda, prolactinoma can be treated effectively.

Trusted for ages, Ayurveda continues to be the safest path to treat any ailments. With no side effects, Ayurveda promises to provide only side benefits.

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