Chakra Colors and Meanings

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The idea of assigning colors to each Chakra works just as the psychology of color works.

Have you ever felt instantly calm just because you looked at a deep green patch of grass?

Or did you feel energetic and creative when you stepped into a room that was painted red?

The Chakra colors follow this type of path as well.

By recognizing what is blocking you in life through recognition of the color emphasis, you are able to focus on the proper Chakra to get it spinning properly.

The Chakra system itself lives within your astral portion of your being.

This is why this form of meditation can be so difficult to complete for a beginner!

Because you must tap into a part of your being that isn’t physical in nature, those who are just starting a spiritual journey will be in for some pleasant surprises – but potentially a lot of work as well.

The Chakras are in many ways like a set of organs that work with your astral being as your heart, lungs, and other organs support your physical body.

They are the sources of the healing energies that you feel every day from a non-physical sense.


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