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Hello and welcome to the Deep Chakra Healing through the Ancient Tree Guide meditation session. I am Kiran and this is Purple Room Healing channel. This guided meditation is a powerful chakra healing meditation session that cleanses and heals your chakras and the energy body. You are also connected to an ancient keeper of the earth through this meditation who can awaken your natural wisdom and connection to the earth and the cosmos. For best results, I’d advise you to repeat this meditation session once a day for at least seven days.

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This healing session consists of guided deep chakra cleansing and healing followed by the energy body healing and shielding. The location of the chakras within the body may be slightly different for each person. Let your intuition guide you there. For further assistance, read the rough guide for the location of chakras below:


ROOT CHAKRA/MOOLADHARA: Near the base of the spine.

SACRAL CHAKRA/SWADHISTHANA: Some find it near their reproductive organs while some find it closer to the navel.

SOLAR PLEXUS/MANIPURAKA: Most find this chakra near the navel but some locate it in the hollow just below the chest in the middle, where the rib cage parts.

HEART CHAKRA/ANAHATHA: In the middle of the chest.

THROAT CHAKRA/VISHUDDI: In the throat region. Some find it at their adam’s apple, while some see it in the hollow of the throat.

THIRD EYE/AGNA: Between the eyebrows. Some find it vibrating in the middle of the forehead.

CROWN CHAKRA/SAHASRARAM: On the top of the head. Some locate it at the place their hair spirals out from.

Before you begin this guided meditation make sure you are in a quiet spot and you will not be disturbed during the entire session. Make sure your mobile is switched off, unless of course you are listening to this on your mobile. In such case, you can download this video for offline viewing and then put your mobile in the airplane mode so you are absolutely not disturbed during the healing session. This session is best done sitting on the floor or a mat. Find a comfortable posture. You can lean against a wall or a piece of furniture, that is OK. Use headphones for best results.

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