Chakras for Beginners: ROOT CHAKRA Explained: Video 2/9 (led by a yoga teacher)

This intro to Chakras for Beginners: Root Chakra Explained. This is a series of 8 videos on chakras introductory for beginners to this info. We are up to chakra #1 Muladhara the first, root chakra. Each video in series ends with a short meditation so you can practice chakra meditation in a safe way and see how each chakra feels in your body.

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Manifestation happens from a balanced root chakra, second and third chakra too! What Yogi Bhajan called the lower triangle chakras. Without a balanced “lower triangle” we can be spacey, out of it, hard to focus ADD, ADHD. It’s like we really aren’t “home.” Home in our bodies if this chakra is weak.

Welcome to this journey of self-discovery if you are a starting with these concepts about your energy body. I hope the explanations that start each video are clear and helpful.

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A meditation practice also helps in that you will have the ability to focus the mind.
I give an overview of what the chakras are and their effects on the body , mind and spirit.

INTRO TO CHAKRAS: Each on in detail and ends with short meditation on each chakra.

Chakra Introduction:
1st root chakra:
2nd sacral chakra:
3rd fire (power) chakra:
4th Heart chakra video:
5th throat chakra video:
6th third eye chakra video:
7th crown chakra video:
All 7 Chakras MEDITATION in one session actual mantra chants:

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