Color, Frequencies, Chakras & Your Astrological Sign

Color, Frequencies, Chakras & Your Astrological Sign.
It is interesting that colors are linked to astrological signs and additionally the particular colors that are linked to astrological (zodiac) signs are linked to the Chakras of the body, which in turn often have the same traits as the astrological sign. For example, the color Red is associated with the zodiac (astrological( sign Taurus (Taurus being the Bull). Taurus signifies strength (the Bull) , and the Survival Root Chakra is associated with the color Red. In another example of color correlation between a Chakra and an astrological (zodiac) sign we have Gemini with is associated with the color Blue. Gemini is noted for communication and new ideas. So the Chakras of the throat and also the 3rd Eye (perception) are associated with color Blue. It is interesting to note that these separate pseudo-sciences have arrived at basically the same conclusions.
When on thinks of color, most people only thing of color is what they see with the eyes, but color is more than that. Separate colors each have their own individual frequency and wave-length. Each color is a unique frequency and frequencies do influence our bodies and DNA in different ways.
Another example is the color Violet (sometimes confused with the color Purple). The highest Chakra is associated with Violet and also the 1st sign of the Zodiac, Aquarius. It was also the color of the Emperor during the times of Imperial Rome to designate the head or highest order.


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