Crystal placement for chakras in Crystal Healing

Learn how to correctly place crystals on the Chakras, to perform Crystal Healing on a partner or client.

In this short video tutorial, Master Crystal Healing Practitioner, Kate covers:

* The 9 main Chakra points recognised in crystal healing/ crystal therapy.
* 8 popular chakra crystals and their correct body placement and placement order.
* Why grounding is so important throughout a crystal healing session.
* How to place crystals around private/delicate areas of the body
* How to set each crystal with intention
* Why it’s OK to use only 8 healing crystals on 9 Chakras.

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Through my global online training academy: ‘Evolve Healing Institute’, I have had the honor of training hundreds of world-class Crystal Healing Practitioners in 6 continents.

As you watch my videos on meditation, crystal healing and personal development, you will notice that I do things a little differently. My knowledge is not regurgitated from any book. This is my own style of healing and growth: Authentic, Holistic and Real.

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