Crystals for Chakra Balancing

Just like you carry a few everyday items in your purse, pocket or car, like cough drops to soothe your throat, lip gloss to protect and brighten your lips or gym shoes for your lunchtime walk, having a set of crystals can be very useful for clearing energy blockages and opening chakras.

They need not be fancy or showy and seem to work best when they are allowed to choose you. As proof that “everything” in this life is alive, aware and responsive, hold your hand over a few crystals and wait until one or more of them signals you that they are ready to become yours, to accompany you and to work with you by both absorbing and giving off energy.

Now, as the new guardian of your crystals and the recipient of their marvelous power, you have a responsibility to keep them clean and energized. First steep your new crystals overnight in a solution of sea salt and water and dry them thoroughly before you begin to use them.

Periodically, re-wash your crystals in the salt solution, or in rainwater and then re-energize them by exposing them to moon or sunlight for several hours. Take advantage of the healing energy of every full moon by leaving your crystals outside overnight.

Crystals can be simple, yet powerful tools when you’re seeking balance and a sense of well-being in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.

To aid in general stress relief, try placing three clear quartz crystals, points facing outward, in a triangle just below your navel. Next, place three rose quartz stones in an arc above your pubic bone and relax for 4-5 minutes. Repeat as often as is needed for optimal energy flow.

For a complete Chakra Balance, try this simple crystal layout to reinforce your chakra energies and ensure they are functioning well.

Choose a grounding stone (black, brown or dark red) to place between your feet. Then choose a stone or crystal corresponding to the different colors of the chakras, placing the red one between your knees, the orange right above your pelvic bone, the yellow right above your navel, the green over your heart center, the light blue on your throat, indigo or dark blue on your forehead and a violet or clear stone on the floor just above the top of your head. Lie down with these stones in place for a period of about 5 minutes or until you feel complete, then remove the stones starting with the one above your head.

Relax for a few more minutes, still lying down, then enjoy a sense a well-being and balance, ready to face the stresses of the day ahead.

Source by Becca Chopra

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