Dangers of Wicca

I have seen a lot of people looking up the dangers of Wicca, and thought it would be a good idea to dispel some of the misunderstandings people have. Unfortunately, the people who think Wicca is dangerous in the first place aren’t going to be convinced when someone tells them otherwise. So the evangelicals can keep spreading their weird ideas, and people will still believe them.

Who knows, maybe someone will stumble on this page and actually learn a little truth instead of ridiculous claims that church websites like to make.

So what are the dangers of Wicca. Well, none really. It’s a religion much like any other, and that’s about it. There is nothing particularly dangerous about it at all. There is no devil-worship nor any dealings with evil spirits. There is no devil at all, to be honest. We don’t believe in such a being so how can we get involved with that? That’s a Christian concept, for the most part, that doesn’t apply to Wicca.

We don’t go around making blood sacrifices or anything like that either. At least not usually. Curses and hexes may be part of someone’s practice, but they are more often in the minority.

The main “danger” is that we are dabbling in dangerous forces that are evil. The reality is that the energies of the Universe are neither dangerous nor evil, so that makes no sense at all. Are there dangerous spirits out there? I’m pretty sure there are. But getting involved in them is not part of the Wiccan pan.

Now, if you are talking about teenagers dabbling around in some half-cocked version of Satanism that is more movie-based than anything else, then that’s a whole other story. I’m not saying that’s really dangerous either, just a different situation. Summoning a demon isn’t going to work by reading some printout you found on a Wikipedia page, so what’s the harm?

Really, if you take a little time to find out what Wicca is about (worshipping a God and Goddess, honoring seasons, etc), you’ll find very little to worry about. If you’re worried simply because it’s not Christian, well there isn’t much we can do about that.

If someone you know is interested in Wicca, there is nothing to fear (except for the strange dabbling teenager types). True Wicca is not harmful, dangerous or risky in any way. You might want to read a book by Carl McColman titled, “When Someone You Love is Wiccan”. It’s a great introduction to people who are curious about it for others.

Source by Terri Wilson

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