Delving Into Witchcraft – How to Create Your Own Wiccan Spells

One of the many questions neophyte practitioners put forth is, “how do I create my own Wiccan spells?” While there are many books offering a variety of spells for personal use, some practitioners prefer to write their own. In doing so, you empower spells with your personal intent, thereby making them far more powerful than a spell taken from a book that doesn’t evoke the emotional response or seriousness of intent needed for a spell to prove successful.

If you find spells that you have become somewhat fond of, but you would feel a lot stronger about them if you could just “tweak” a few things, you can use spells offered in books or online. As you adapt spells to suit your personal preferences there are several things you’ll need to consider. First and foremost, remember that if you are adapting spells from other works, your adaptations are for your personal use only. A lot of pagan writers offer spells for adaptation, but you definitely don’t want to infringe on the copyright of authors or online writers by sharing your adapted works online or off, especially without the consent from the original authors of the adapted work.

Before you begin writing or adapting spells at all, make sure you think about what it is that you really want; “watch what you wish for” is implied here. Make sure you are clear about, not only what you want, but why you want it, and how you expect your desires to manifest. You should also give full consideration to any and all potential outcomes of your magickal workings; sometimes when you are working magick you can end up with a result that gives you precisely what you asked for, but not necessarily the way you expected. This is why specificity is so important to the working.

Whether you are adapting spells you have become fond of or writing your spells from scratch, you’ll need to keep your intent in the back of your mind. Every word in the spell needs to align with your intent and the desired outcome. To that end, how specific you are with your spells will define the success of your spell casting endeavors. To lend to the specificity in your writings, you can perfect the wording and timing of the work, and you can make use of magickal correspondences.

Timing – Some practitioners time a spell working during a specific moon phase. For instance, you can time spells during the waxing, full, or waning moon phase. The waxing moon is associated with beginnings and the waning moon with endings, while the full moon is associated with all magickal workings. So, if you are conducting a spell where you want a situation to end, you can time your work for when the waning moon appears, and if you are looking for a new start in a situation, the waxing moon is the most ideal time to perform your work. Some practitioners also time their work based on days of the week, the season, the planetary hours, or according to astrological correspondences.

Rhymes – Not all spells rhyme, but you might find that you are far more comfortable working with rhyme. You’ll find it easier to remember and when using rhyme you create a rhythm with your words when spoken aloud. When you write your own spells, you should spend some time memorizing what you’ve written. This way you can give your full attention to what words you are speaking instead of reading them from a piece of paper.

Visualization – Your spell should contain precise wording that will not only help you verbally express your desires, but you’ll also want wording that triggers your visualization abilities. The more intensely you can visualize your desired manifestation, the greater the likelihood you will achieve the outcome you seek. In fact, before working a spell, it’s a good idea spending some time visualizing your desired outcome. As with your spell’s wording, when visualizing you need to be as specific as possible, seeing your desired outcome in every possible detail.

Positivity – Finally, if you’re a Witch practicing the Wiccan religion, you’ll want to make sure that your spell’s wording and intended outcome is aligned with the Wiccan Rede of, “harm none, do what ye will.” As a Wiccan practitioner, you should be concerned with the Threefold Law of Return and the potential backlash that accompanies the act of sending out negative energies. Make sure your spell workings are positive so that what comes back to you in the way of manifestation is equally positive.

Source by Dayna Winters

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