Does Wicca Witchcraft Really "Work?"

Many people wonder exactly how your thoughts and emotions focused to bring love into your life (for example), can actually make real love happen. This interaction between energies is where your belief of a higher power comes in to play in wiccan witchcraft.

There are mysterious forces at work when you put your focused thoughts and emotions to work. Whatever your specific beliefs are – there are things in this world that defy our logic and understanding. If you are like me, you have a sense that there is “something looking down on me” – sometimes even shielding you from harm.

No matter what your specific Magick path becomes, you will soon begin to realize that this same “higher power” has some control over the interaction of your Magick energy with events in your life, and the world.

The Core You Can’t Ignore In Your Witchcraft Path

There are many things involved in being a Witch, no matter what specific path you follow. Some of them change based on your path (which I go over in detail in my Home Academy), but there is one “core” thing you must follow.

This “core” is where you draw all of your power – all of your Magick energy. And neglecting it will grind your Magick spell work to a screeching halt. Nothing will work without this core connection.

This core I keep talking about is your connection to nature – above all. I’m not saying you need to move out to the forest and build a makeshift hut out of pine branches. But you need to devote yourself to nature, and try to expose yourself to her every day.

It can be as simple as finding a special tree in your backyard, and spending time next to it a few times a week (like I show you in the nature daily devotional later in this book).

You have to understand that you come from nature – and so does the energy you control. Connecting yourself to nature on a weekly basis will increase your bond with nature, and allow you to more easily tap into it’s hidden energy.

Think of nature as your protector, and your giver of special powers. You wouldn’t ignore someone special, like your best friend – would you? In the same way, to ignore nature – your protector, your giver of special powers – would be to completely “give up” your Magick powers.

Magick Tidbit #1: Please, for the sake of this beautiful world we live in, take it upon yourself to help protect nature. Support all efforts to preserve nature around the world, and do your part to keep our world beautiful.

So keep an eye out for the nature daily devotional later to find out how to strengthen your connection with nature to have better success with your Magick work and spells.

Lastly, throughout the reading of this book – and your Magick workings beyond – always keep in mind your connection with nature. If you pay attention, and nurture your connection, nature will allow you to bring your dreams into your life. It will allow you to create your miracles, just remember that.

Source by Rose Ariadne

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