Dream Interpretation – The Meaning of Light and Darkness in Dreams

If you see dreams where you are trying to turn the light on but the lamp burns when you switch it on, it means that you will discover something you didn’t know. The darkness in your dreams represents the ignored truth.

The ignored truth about you is the fact that you have an inherent anti-conscience that tries to invade and dominate your conscience in order to destroy it through craziness. However, besides this basic truth, there are many other aspects of reality you ignore.

Don’t think that if you see the light of a lamp in your dream, this dream is showing you the truth; on the contrary, it is showing you that you believe in a false truth, produced by the false logic of selfishness and ignorance. This is the false truth that the mentality of your civilization has imposed upon you, since it is governed by the domination of the wild conscience. This is why our world is characterized by terrorism, violence, poverty, immorality and many other horrors.

The wild anti-conscience that works against the human conscience trying to destroy it is very strong not only in the human psychic sphere but also in our world because this world is governed by violence. Violence means craziness and terror. However, the human being believes that violence “is sometimes necessary” and one refuses to learn how to be completely peaceful and humble, by eliminating one’s dangerous ego.

The ego is a channel that connects the human conscience with the anti-conscience and works for the evil anti-conscience, while the ignorant human conscience believes that the ego protects it with its demands!

The real truth is completely different from what the selfish ego and conscience imagine. Only the wise unconscious is not selfish in the human psyche, but this is because it is an organ that has a saintly origin. It is directed by God, which is the most developed conscience that exists. All the other components of the human psychic sphere are absurd and selfish.

The wild anti-conscience it totally absurd and evil, but it is not idiotic; it is very clever, even though evil means stupidity since it brings only suffering. It is very clever despite its stupidity of insisting on being evil.

This wild conscience is the result of the disorganized development of the first conscience that was created by chance. Whatever is a product of chance is chaotic and tends to disappear. This is why the human being has a self-destructive tendency and this is why we also destroy the world we live in.

So, what the civilization of our time considers as true is in fact the result of the distortion of facts made by the anti-conscience in the human mind that is induced to be selfish.

Therefore when you see in your dream the light of a lamp on, you have to consider your own thoughts and conclusions because they are not real: they are based on false statements and distorted reasoning, influenced by the anti-conscience.

The real truth cannot come from an artificial light obtained through electricity. It has to come from a real star, the biggest one in our solar system: the sun. Only the sun’s light in your dreams represents the indubitable truth!

Source by Christina Sponias

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