Dream Meanings – How to Translate Dream Symbols

In order to correctly interpret your dreams, you should learn the symbolic language used by the unconscious in dreams. This language is not understood by our conscience because the wild conscience that constantly tries to cause craziness to the consciousness is inherent in us. Moreover, the unconscious mind sends us messages in dreams to try and save us from craziness. If it used a mode of communication that is comprehensible for the enemy, the battle would be lost from the beginning …

In addition, the ego, which is the center of the human conscience, can not accept criticism. However, the unconscious is always criticizing the human conscience in our dreams because it has to show us the truth. Therefore, the truth should be accepted first of all by translation of the dream messages.

The ego does not want to see the person's mistakes, but this is indispensable if the person wants to correct them and live happily. Therefore, we have to conclude that the ego is harmful for the conscience and the human being. The ego will be destroyed and the human being has to develop a humble attitude.

Pride is the result of craziness, although it has another definition in our society. Pride is the absent admiration of self. It is absurd because the human being is too ignorant and makes too many mistakes. First, if one is correct once, it is not a reason to be proud of one's success, after so many failures in one's life, in general. Second, because humility is wisdom, and pride is a ridiculous status in a place over the other human beings. It is ridiculous because it is created by a person who feels that he or she has a reason to be proud of something. It is a false feeling and impression.

Often, they really have no real reason to be proud of anything because they are admiring an error in their behavior, thinking that it is a good quality …

The human being is too ignorant …

This is another reason why the unconscious can not directly tell us everything we have to learn through our dreams. There is far too much to learn! Through dream symbols, the unconscious can explain many things simultanously, much more than what could be done with words.

Here is an example of a dream, the meaning of the symbols appearing in the dream and how to translate the symbols into sentences.

"A woman walks on the beach and sees a big rock on the way. She tries to move it from there but the rock is too heavy and a snake appears from the other side.

"Later, she looks at her watch and sees the time." It is a quarter past five. She has the impression that she was waiting for someone. "

Here is the translation of the symbols' meaning:

The sea symbolizes the unknown region of the psyche where craziness is hidden (She is at the beach, near the sea).

The rock symbolizes the truth.

The snake represents a bad event that will bring salvation.

The watch indicates the time that marks a very important event of your life.

Another person: This represents another part of your personality that resembles the person appearing in your dream. If this person is unknown, it is an unknown part of your personality. Otherwise, it takes the characteristics of the person you see in your dream.

Here is the interpretation, ie, we have translated the meaning of the images, and consequently translated the symbols into words.

The woman is near craziness (the sea) and she has to be very careful (self-evident deduction). She will have to suddenly face the truth (rock) even though she does not expect it (the rock appeared in her way unexpectedly). This is something she will not be able to avoid (she could not move the rock, and the snake appeared). The time is now (she sees clearly what time it was in her watch). Something very important is going to happen to her and change decisively her life very soon. It will cause suffering in the beginning but it will be turned into something that is beneficial to her in the end (snake).

She hopes that another part of her personality will meet her (she has the impression that she was waiting for someone); perhaps a stronger part, but we do not know anything about this matter. The next dreams will reveal us who this person could be.

Dreams are messages that are given in a series; This is why you have to write your dreams down and analyze their meanings in comparison to all the dreams. This way, you will have a general image of what the unconscious reveals to you. Remember, you are too ignorant and you have too much to learn. The unconscious mind can not tell you everything at once.

Now, what can the woman who saw this dream do?

She does not know anything … but she can be very serious and careful as if she was expecting something bad because the danger appears clearly in the dream. She is near craziness, represented by the sea. The snake confirms that something bad will happen, but something that will not be absolutely bad, since it will cure her psyche.

Many people do not like to predict the future if they see that something bad will happen to them. However, through dream interpretation you can change potentially negative futures by correcting your errors: you will not learn that something bad will happen and be unable to do anything about it.

You will correct your mistakes today, so that a potential negative exit can be transformed into a positive one. Without this knowledge you could not correct anything, and you will be grateful for this warning.

Therefore, the woman that saw this dream need not suffer as she would have, if she did not know what was coming and if she did not take the necessary steps to avoid a disaster. The next dreams will guide her and show her what to do, since she is in danger.

First the unconscious mind presents the danger, and then reveals to the dreamer that he or she has to do something in this regard; he or she can not continue to be individuous to the impending danger.

Depression is a warning: the onset of craziness or too much damage caused by craziness to your psyche and life.

Your dreams, thoughts and feelings and everything related to you in your life are strictly connected.

Depending on the dreamer's real life situation, one is exposed to situations that could make one's conscience give in to the anti-conscience. For instance, a nervous reaction against someone can provoke many violent reactions from them, which the dreamer does not expect. Further, unfortunately, violence begets more violence.

The unconscious mind revealed that she is in danger because she was near craziness and the truth will appear in her way. It could be the sudden love for a married man, the acceptance of treason against someone in order to steal money, etc.

Nobody believes that things like that can happen to them, and they can have such a condemnable behavior, but the temptations of life are too many …

In the beginning of dream interpretation we see many negative dreams, showing us that we are in great danger.

This is because the unconscious mind starts revealing the bitter truth: the monster is inherent in our anti-conscience, which often replaces our conscience. We have to understand the danger and fight against the domination of the wild side.

After preventing craziness, the unconscious starts sending you many positive dreams with solutions for your daily life and future. The beginning is disappointing because it has to help you correct all your mistakes, since your conscience is not completely developed yet.

However, soon you start seeing many dreams with future predictions and you acquire another vision of reality. This vision is much greater than that of anyone else in our world, where information, knowledge and wisdom are detected by hypocrisy, immorality and violence.

Source by Christina Sponias

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