Frank Frazetta Tribute CONAN THE DESTROYER Fantasy Art Fanwork

A tribute to the great three. Frank Frazetta, Robert E. Howard and of course Basil Poledouris, the genius who created the best movie soundtrack ever written. I choose the best professional- and fanwork to my mind. 1080p solution a MUST!
Took me two days to create this. 40 hours. 4 hours sleep and 4 hours some „rest” for my eyes in it. The absolut scary thing about it, no joke! I was done round about “High Noon on Thuesday (the video too) and then…..(here where I live is a church near by) it starts belling for nearly 5 minutes… Oo

No picture with his music is there by accident. No easy task with 176 fantastic artworks. The arrangement and selection from a tons of pictures, was even harder to make it harmonious along the way. The only thing I couldn´t solve nicely is the “sometimes prob” with the changin music and a tiny audiences noise, but this record of the Filarmónica de Andalucía is far the best I could find for this project……Forgive me that Crom. (-_-)

Thank you Utube that you declined my first video of 20 minutes lenght, so I forced to start basically from zero. :´(
Thought it would be no problem after I don´t upload Skeletor who is laughin in repeat mode for an hour…Tough hit in the face after this many work, but I started new and Crom gave me the power to fight back from picture to picture to regain strenght somehow…

I was working with CS3 2009 for six months, PS, AI and ID, nothing more. I am no cutter or experienced in videomakin`. First try at all. In my twenties I was painting Games Workshop Figures (Lord of the Rings), but that`s it.

Tried to bring out the best of it and wanted to create somethin` beautiful in allowed maximum time.

It was an honour to spend my two days with it and compared to the fantastic time that I spend with THE HERO of my childhood; it would be endless worth too…

thanx for adding, @ErikVanEden________________________________________________.

If you watch it, you `ll feel as you were there…….. Hyboria…..



…Frank, thank you for your outstanding work.
You are still an inspiration to me.
Always be.


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† 10. Mai 2010 Pennsylvania, USA



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