Give Me the Moon, the Stars, and the Fairies? – Or Maybe Some Sun Tattoo Designs!

Moon star fairy tattoos can have a mystical feel and are growing in popularity. Moon star fairy tattoos can be whimsical and can portray another side of your personality for the world to see. The tattoo can consist of one or all of the designs. Fairy, moons and star tattoos are also becoming more popular. These tattoos hold a fascination for these timeless storybook creatures and heavenly realms.

The Fairy tattoos are a recent trend and they represent a certain range of interests or mindset. You can have the fairy flit around the periphery of the design, or become the focal point sitting on the moon itself. How about a fairy riding a shooting star past the moon, or a fairy rushing toward a full moon on a trail of starry fairy dust. Consider a fairy sleeping inside the crescent of a moon, sprinkled with star dust. Disney’s Tinkerbell is sometimes described as being a pixie, but she is actually a fairy. Fairy tattoos can be very special and as unique as the women who wear them. A mythical tattoo design is only limited by your imagination as the fairy is a figment of our imagination.

Moons and stars are also very popular and can take on many different shapes, forms and and coloration, allowing you to make a very unique tattoo. Pairing fairies with moon and star designs is a very natural. A simple moon and stars tattoo can easily be enhanced by a talented artist to include a fairy in the design. Conversely, a moon can be added to nearly any fairy tattoo. The you can add stars as needed to finish off the design. You can also add the sun, butterflies, flowers, and angels to the moon and stars tattoos. Tattoos which depict moon and stars are very new and especially attract the younger women and girls.

You can enhance a nice moon and stars tattoo by adding a mischievous fairy to the design. Fairy tattoos go well with other tattoo designs and these can create a very pretty, feminine and delicate set of tattoo images. Fairy designs are good for lower back, ankle or shoulder.

We have noticed that one of the favorite fairy designs is that of a small fairy with large detailed butterfly wings: the moon and stars in one wing, a sun in the other. You can add flowers, dragon flies, either moon or sunset, stars, pixie dust, and you have a captivating image. Some women put a fairy at some central place, like lower back, and put stars and moons around it. It is all up to your imagination – your mystical imagination.

Source by JT Phiips

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