Healing Bud Chakras on Animals

Working with animals and their chakra centers is a fun part of animal healing. The ones that amaze me the most are the animal's Bud Chakras. Most animals have six of these chakra points that help detect energy and frequency shifts. These are amazing sensory areas for the animals and can help explain a lot of behavior to humans if we pay close attention to them.

There are four Bud Chakras on the lower part of each animal. One is located on the bottom of each foot, hoof, claw, pad, or paw. These four energy centers help the animal's ground their own energy as well as sense energy shifts. For example, these are the energy sensors that help detect when earthquakes are coming, as you will notice a wide variety of animal's fleeing a local area a few days before this happens. You can heal these chakra areas using Brown Carnelian or Jasper.

There are two Bud Chakras on each of the animal's ear. These are located at the base opening on each side. These also aid the animal is their ability to sense energy shifts that are not directly sensed through the ground or their foot bud chakra points. You can work on these Bud Chakras with a combination of Amber and Clear Quartz for healing or removal of any blockages.

Make sure you work on these areas with sensitivity, as animals are not as open to allow healing for these areas due to the extreme changes they can feel. Begin a session by being grounded and center, along with an open heart and mind will bring about a successful session for you and the animal alike.

Source by Nicole Lanning

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