Healing Decor, The Power of the Five Elements

The mountains, forests, rivers, desert, and oceans bring in a sense of wellbeing and serenity. The elements of nature attract us and remind us that we are a part of this beautiful universe. The way Mother Earth heals and stays in a balance with the universe is the basis of healing decor.When we remove ourselves from the equation of balance with Mother Earth we create suffering.The eive elements are Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Ether. These elements make up everything and are inter connected with each other.

Earth is the Mother Goddess, nurturing, fertile and flowing with abundance, giving us a solid foundation. Carved wood panels of the Tree of life, Radha Krishna playing the flute under the Kadambari tree are beautiful representations of the Earth element. Goddess Lakshmi standing on the lotus blessing us with abundance or the fierce Durga killing the demon, destroying all negative energies, the Earth elements brings balance in our relationships and gives us an open heart to receive and give.

Barn doors made from old Indian doors studded with brass and iron connect the air element to the earth, thereby grounding us and keeping our emotional state in balance, giving us courage and strength to our core. Old door coffee tables, office desks and consoles made from old reclaimed natural woods and accented with iron nails and brass stars are designed in the old world method that places us in the reality of nature and its balancing techniques and everchanging energies.

Nature is constantly changing, the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter envelop the earth in their beauty, transforming and teaching us that change is beautiful, and we need to be accepting of Mother Earth’s beautiful energies to be able to grow and learn from her.

Water is nourishing and free-flowing, the energy of creation and abundance, be it the river Ganges flowing from the locks of Shiva, the turquoise green cabinets from Jaipur or the whitewashed consoles with stone arches, these artistic creations bring in the water element into our homes.

Fire is power manifest, a transforming energy that creates and destroys that what is no longer needed. The carved sunray credenza and rustic red barndoors bring in the creative energy into your office. Bold and lush the vivid red sari tapestries made from recycled fabrics bring in color and fresh energy.

Last but not the least is Ether, the spiritual element that binds all these energies together, just like our soul. The meditation altar decorated with crystals and deities of Shiva, Vishnu, Budha, Durga connects us to the divine element of the universe. Old world decor and furniture with the healing elements of earth, fire, water, air and ether bring about a balance that keeps us healthy and whole.

Source by Era Chandok

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