How Can I Figure Out What My Moon Sign Is?

There are two kinds of astrology which are widely prevalent today. One is the Western astrology based on sun signs also known as zodiac signs. These signs are based on the month the person was born in. The moon sign astrology is based on the star under which the person is born in. The moon sign astrology originated in India.

According to the Indian moon sign astrological system, there are 27 stars and a person born under each of this star will have the characteristic of that sign. In the end the moon signs and the sun signs are connected. All these stars transit through the various zodiac signs. Each zodiac sign governs at group of stars.

So a person born under certain star belongs to that groups zodiac sign. The zodiac signs are the same like Aries, Taurus and Cancer and so on. Even the Romans and the Greeks believed in the signs and they even worshipped the moon as one of their gods.

Today, sign astrology has a very prominent place in the whole astrological system. Several characteristics predicted by the sign also match people’s characteristics born under those stars. In order to know what moon sign you were born under, you need to know what your birth star is. However, most of us do not have this information handy with us. In order to know what our birth star is, we can easily find out using the time of our birth on the internet. The time of birth will tell us what our birth star is because the planets transit in such a way during the time of birth.

Source by Kum Martin

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