Is There a Difference Between Wiccan and Witchcraft Spells?

Wiccan and witchcraft spells – is there a difference between the two? The answer to this is both yes and no! Both traditions share the same roots and therefore crossover in many ways. But you will also see a lot of discussion as to where the dividing line is. So if you are looking to define the two, here’s a look at the both similarities of Wiccan/witchcraft spells to help you in your spell work.

The Differences Between Wiccan/Witchcraft Spells

  • The differences between Wiccan and witchcraft spells lies mostly in the distinction between the Wiccan and witchcraft traditions themselves. Wicca follows more of a structure as it is a religion and it is more common for followers to be a member of a coven or group. Here they will receive an initiation and also training in how to perform spells and rituals in the manner of that coven’s customs. Witches are more likely to be solitary but this does not exclude the possibility of them meeting up to swap experiences and work together.
  • Wiccans will often also dedicate themselves to Gods or Goddesses as part of their faith. This is due to the Pagan nature of Wicca and also this is where many of the deities come from. So it can be that the Gods/Goddesses that the individual has decided to follow will feature in all or most of their spells, or alternatively in a more general way, spells may include deities with the relevant qualities or attributes. For example, Athena will be used for love, Brigid will be invoked for healing.
  • Wiccans will often use the symbolism of the Wheel of Life in their rituals, particularly around the time of the Sabbats. This will be part of the coven’s special ritual for celebrating the time of year. It centres around the main God and Goddess who symbolise the changing of the seasons. The Goddess gives birth to the God who then grows as she rests and recuperates. When he is grown, they fall in love and the Goddess will fall pregnant. As the cycles continues, the God wanes and eventually his death is celebrated in preparation for his rebirth at Yule!

Similarities in Wiccan/Witchcraft Spells

  • Wiccan and witchcraft spells both will use the universal elements to give ‘charge’ to their spells. These elements are air, fire, water, earth and spirit and each has a unique power to offer. Both Wiccans and witches will turn to these natural gifts in their spells.
  • Both traditions will also use natural ingredients of the earth for their spells. From spell herbs to leaves from the garden, these revered gifts are the staples of spell casting for both. This stems from a respect for the cosmos and the higher powers that are around us. Nature is both a supreme wisdom and a power and it can be channelled and garnered with these ingredients using your own innate energies.
  • However, in order to use these ingredients efficiently in Wiccan and witchcraft spells, both types of caster train themselves to find their own unique abilities to perform their spells. It can take years of practise to become accomplished. The methods here are more likely to differ from individual to individual here though, rather than between Wiccans and witches.

Source by Francesca Ashcroft

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