Love Horoscopes and Your Love Life

Are you out in the quest for love? — When this happens, it is very important for most people to have a quick look on their personal love horoscopes. We tend to have faith in these small advices that the stars eventually give us and take them as our guidance on what to do for our next move. Should you ask her out on another date? Are you going to meet your soulmate today? Does he really like you? Once that these questions pop into our minds, chances are, we will be speeding off to our love horoscope just to check possible answers to our questions.

Astrology is known to be a very complicated science. Most people rely on this because they believe that the sun, the stars and other astrological bodies have something to say about our lives, especially when we are considering the romantic arena. For a start, the different signs are attributed with some elements. You can compare these so called Sun signs so that you will be able to know if you really are meant for each other or not. The astrological signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius belong to the Fire element; Gemini, Libra and Aquarius all possess the Air element; the Earth element belongs to Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn; and lastly, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces possess the Water element.

Those who are born with the Fire element in their astrological signs are generally known as passionate and assertive. Communication skills and social spontaneity dominate the characteristics of those who have the Air sign. People who belong to the Earth sign are known to be introverts but have a strong sense of stability in character. Those who have the Water sign are born to have intuition and receptiveness towards ideas. With these characteristics, you are now able to know whether you are compatible with your lover or not. All you have to do is to figure out his or her birth date and find out whether he or she has the same characteristics that belongs to each sign. Once that you have figured out that your characteristics match, then it would surely be a match made in heaven.

Another complicated way to use your love horoscopes in recognizing compatibilities is to come up with a Natal chart. In this way, you will have to determine the astrological signs of two potential romantic partners and then compare the signs that the planet Venus, the planet of love, is in. It may sound more complicated, but it is certainly more accurate than just figuring out the characteristics of your potential love partner.

By drawing a Natal chart, anyone would be able to determine the default characteristics of each sign and analyze whether or not will they be able to be together or not. The location of Venus in their signs will be able to show how these potential love partners will develop. Most people consult their love horoscopes because nothing is more important than determining whether your lifetime romantic partner is really for you or not.

Source by Robert Melkonyan

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