Love Spells for the 21st Century

Few things seem as incongruous as the arcane practice of magick and the technology of modern life. Witchcraft or magic khas been practiced in one form or another for thousands of years. Certainly there is evidence of magickal practices in hieroglyphics seen in ancient Egypt. It is a commonly held belief that magickal practices are becoming less and less common with the continued progession of ‘scientific theory’. This however has not be proven to be the case.

In a poll carried out in the US in 2006, over twenty percent of people polled believed in some kind of paranormal or magickal processes that could have physical effects that could not be explained by science. The most significant categories which both men and women felt were not well explained was to do with love. What then does this mean for the ‘old-fasioned’ love spell?

Love spells are now commonly to be found on the internet. Spells can now be acquired electronically. Contrast this to the common wiccan practice of writting your of Book of Shadows – a significant proprotion of which would be copied from your Initiator.

I have studied and practiced as a wicce (wiccan witch) for over forty years and have observed first hand the emergence of the internet. There is a significant amount of ‘trash’ on the internet of course; there is however also vast amounts of exciting information that can be instantly accessed. Powerful love spells sometimes require additional supplies that can be difficult to resource if you live in a remote area – silver daggers, colored candles and various herbs are readily available from the net.

Powerful wiccan love magick is best done by learning the craft oneself. The 21st century actually allows more people to learn and practice love spells then ever before in history.

Source by Salzatha Bobo

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