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Cat Magick | Pussy Power

The black cat infamous for its ties with witches. Is there any such thing as cat magick? Most definitely! In truth, there is no distinction between the colour of the cat be it white, black or any other colour.

In ancient Egypt, cats was regarded as a superior animal and were worshipped as Gods or divinities. The cat is graceful and mysterious, and is thought to have the power to foresee the future. It is also believed they have the power to attract love and fortune, commanding both fear and respect. The cat is often used during many magical practices and was often the companion for white witches.

Some groups wrongfully use cats in their black magick associations and try to create a division between black cats and white cats each corresponding to their colour of magick. The cat is a powerful animal and should not be distinguished between black and white magick as it is the caster of the spells which dictate their means for either good or evil.

The fur of a cat is used regularly for ingredients with casting of spells and it is extremely important to note that the cat can not be harmed in any way when gathering the hair.

Research for ancient cat spells and you may with respect and love ask you cat to help and assist you with your spells and witchcraft.

Protection by Gargoyles

Gargoyles appear on many different buildings and structures, originally to redirect rain water away from the walls. When drainage was introduced, the gargoyle stayed for decoration purposes.

Gargoyles are considered to be a protection measure. They are supposed to come to life and protect the surrounding areas around a dwelling while all is asleep, keeping it safe and secure. Gargoyles are generally made from stone and are a symbolic protection for the home. If you stare at them for long enough, the gargoyle appears to move.If you have a large home and you want a gargoyle for protection, a common belief is to make sure it has wings to fly and circle around the home watching and turning away evil.

Many people regard the gargoyle as ugly with evil connotations and refuse to believe they are associated with protection. The gargoyle is scary looking and is thought to be able to frighten away any evil.

The gargoyle sits best at the front of your home where it can keep a watchful eye. Each day as you walk past the gargoyle, thank it for its protection.

Source by Amethyst Hawke

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