One Weird Reiki Session Via The Chakras

"Nessa" (not her real name) came to me for a Chakra Balancing with Reiki. This consists of literally palpating (feeling with my hands) the seven major chakras (energy centers) and finding out which are out of balance compared to the rest, then treating them with Reiki till they are in balance with the rest. Nessa explained that she felt a need for balance, which is why she booked the session.

I palpate the chakras in the aura, the body's electromagnetic field. There is wisdom passed on from ancient times as to what an imbalance in any of the chakras could point to. This wisdom is still relevant today. The distance, feel, and look of the chakras guide me. Then I tell the client, if they have elected to be told, which chakras are out of balance, and what that can be due to. Then they can do that very important part of a Reiki session; participate in their own healing. This gives the client power and control over their lives, and puts them in the driving seat on their healing path. It is very important to empower the client. Reiki can be a totally passive session, but really, it is best with at least some participation from the client. And Nessa certainly did.

I felt two imbalances. These were in the Sacral chakra and the Solar Plexus chakra. Nessa nodded in agreement about the Sacral Chakra, as she had been feeling some blockages there for a while. I explained that it could be digestive issues, since she had told me she has some food intolerances, or it could mean emotionally feeling like one does not fit in or belong. She agreed and said it was probably to do with her work, as well as where she lived. She intends to move to a different part of town where she feels she belongs and where she had used to live. After healing that imbalance, I could see clearly a beautiful orange glowing from her sacral chakra.

Next, I went to the Solar Plexus chakra. After it felt healed, all of a sudden, I saw the skin through my mind's eye, under her clothes, as pink-beige, not the milk chocolate brown that her perfect skin everywhere was. I was surprised, as now in the meticulous notes that I took before the session was there any mention of vitiligo. I said nothing, and hid the expression of shock from my face, as some vitiligo clients feel ashamed by it. She suddenly burst into tears, had a good cry, and … The skin that I saw in my mind's eye became the same perfect color as the rest of her skin! Then she started smiling. I realized that the color and subsequent change had been due to some energy block that had just been released, so I asked her permission to share, and explained that it could be a sensitive subject. She dared her permission, and we both laughed, because to all intents and purposes, this was a very confident-looking woman, who looked at ease with herself and confident of her identity.

I continued the healing, with all the usual expected things that occurred during a Reiki session. When we finished, Nessa had some water, sat down and tried to make some sense of the session. She said that this was the most she had ever felt in a Reiki session before, and felt that it was her choice of concentrating on the chakra balancing that made the difference.

Nessa laughed afterwards. "People always tell me 'you're black on the outside and White on the inside', and I do not know what that means", she said. We laughed out loud, as it really is a silly and outdated concept and remark. She prefers dating White guys, but we all have preferences in what our partner looks like. I mean, really, nobody bats an eyelid when a white woman prefers dating White men. So it is all very silly. Silly, outdated, but it still had somehow been relevant to Nessa about her sense of identity, ego, will, and any of the other qualities related to the Solar Plexus chakra. I say "had" not "has, since whatever energy disruption had been in her Solar Plexus during the Reiki Chakra healing was gone. It no longer exhausted.

Thank you, Nessa, for letting me share your story, to give others an idea of ​​how the chakras can be a great gateway to healing, and that we do not need psychotherapy or even to know what caused an energy block. It was gone, and that was it.

I hope this helps deepen your understanding about Reiki via the chakras some more, whether you are new to Reiki or a seasoned Reiki Master.

Source by Suzanne Zacharia

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