Polarity Therapy and the Chakras

The word “chakra” is an energetic term and means an energy center or vortex. In Polarity we relate the chakras to the elements from Nature

A chakra derives its name from the elemental quality of energy that emanates from it. Except for the crown and third eye chakras, the remaining five chakras have a charge and polarity. The names given to these energies are Ether (throat chakra), Air (heart chakra), Fire (solar plexus chakra), Water (spleen chakra) and Earth (root chakra). The earth phase of the cycle is the finished product; water is coalescence & construction; fire is the putting out into the world phase; air is thinking and planning and ether is the space for the other phases to work in and must be present. Each phase of energy and its patterns must relate fluently to each and all the other phases otherwise imbalances and blockages of energy flow will occur. Fire and earth are positive (+) and building whereas air and water are negative (-) and cleansing.

The elements are also related to mental states, endocrine glands that control the hormonal functions, organs and specific areas of the body. Although the energetics of the body are taken apart to look at each dimension for teaching, learning and understanding purposes, in reality, all patterns, currents and pulsations are overlaid one on top of the other at all times and are in constant and dynamic motion rather than a static state. The human being is energy in movement and lives in an ocean of motion. A person is all of it and all of it creates the energy matrix from which the physical form is created. It has been called, this energy matrix with it’s patterns, currents, pulsations, resonance’s and influences in the body, the “wireless anatomy” of man.

Each of the elements govern specific organ systems and tissue responses. The currents act as a feedback mechanism governing the intensity and strength of the energy as it relates to the physiologic processes. This electromagnetic energy underlies the physical body and moves by pulsation in a wavelike fashion. Its pathways are seen as patterns rather than channels. The Polarity Practitioner works to bring the energy patterns and fields to balance by assisting the body in releasing the energy blocks in the energetic system. This encourages healing and self regulation in the psychological and physiological realms. When blocks remain and intensify, disease thrives and precipitates. The purpose of Polarity is that of “health building”.

Knowledge of the elements allows an experienced Practitioner to decide from an assessment which element requires the most work to accomplish the needs of the client. Improving the element most out of balance will produce a ripple effect through all the other elements and create the biggest change as one affects the whole as all are interconnected.

Source by Sher Smith

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