Recycled/junk/found object art fairy mix media collage

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Recycled/Junk/found object collage
dollar store faries

I used up a lot of my random junk stuff. I think I am good with the gluing of everything for now. Got junk collaging outta my system again for a bit. I did just find a awesome spring in a parking lot the other day. Always collecting.

Lots of smaller pieces of costume jewelry, beads, broken pottery, broken cat toy cat lasers, medication bottles, nuts and bolts, random objects found along roadsides and whatever my sweet husbands finds out and about at work.

Moulds for a antique frame I wanted to use but not use up.
Show you how quickly to make a mould in this video. The full video is on my channel and the link can be found in the description box.

Moving towards some large canvas work here in the weeks ahead. I will be doing some large pouring videos and even larger outdoor projects like the painting of my deck boards and my mosaic table. The weather WAS getting better. We still have another month of snow possible. I love spring!

Thank you for watching and subscribing to support my art and this channel. Let me know in the comments if you are one of the many gathering a box full of junk for your own collage.
Have a great weekend friends I love your faces.Now go create something for the greater good.

Mixed charms
polymere clay
art extranvgensa Rust and patina effects
jacquard powders
jacquards paints
basics paints
Fine texture paste
black gesso
hot glue
Matte varnish

Music By Inova
Inova Springs
Inova Disowened
heavy weight


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