Reiki – Vogel Crystal Healing Sessions

Reiki healing with the use of Vogel crystals provide a lot of profound spiritual healing benefits as well as a deeper awakening of our personal connection with the universe. Crystals, gems and healing stones have been used for a very long time to treat illnesses and maladies, and almost all cultures and religious traditions known to man make use of these crystals and stones.

A very inquisitive teenager, Marcel Vogel began his career as a researcher with the study of luminescence. That research landed him on IBM as a full time research scientist, a career which lasted 27 successful years. Marcel Vogel is known for his several patented inventions, one of the most popular of which was the magnetic coating for the 24 inch computer hard disc drive systems. Vogel also designed the Vogel crystal wand that is known to focus the universal life force of an individual whenever concentrated to a significantly high frequency level (a piece of wonder now widely used in most Reiki healing sessions).

The cut of the Vogel crystals are patterned exactly after the angles of the great pyramid of Giza, while the Vogel quartz crystal wand was inspired by a vision of the sacred geometry – The Tree of Life symbol – which Marcel Vogel himself experienced in a dream. Now, these Vogel crystals are being used in different fields of therapy, such as Sound Healing, Crystal Energy Healing, and Reiki Healing.

During a Reiki healing sessions using Vogel crystals, the client is asked to focus on one particular intention. A master wand is then used to create an energetic matrix – this matrix is aimed to create a resonance between the attention of the client, the quartz wands, and the biocrystalline structure of the client’s body and the invisible energy field of the client. During the healing session, there will be a slight push and manipulation of the color frequency (it is made sure that the color frequency is in sync with a gentle vibration of about 7.8HZ, which is the natural color frequency of the earth). It is very important that the color frequency remain within that natural range of frequency to avoid any disruption with the natural flow of the body and to ensure optimal effects. Our brainwaves (humans) resonate within the same frequency of 7.8HZ.

Scientific studies show that this range of natural resonance is very essential for improve one’s health and well being, therefore going beyond it will likely to be unproductive. And given with today’s modern environment filled with electromagnetic interference from satellites, computers, and cell phones and so on, it is very difficult for the human body to cope and to maintain the natural resonance of 7.8HZ.

Source by Scott C Brown

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