Romanian Girls – Cute Witches Or Bad Fairies?

Human nature is almost the same all over the world. The same thing is valid in the case of Romanian girls. Nowadays there are many lonely girls. It is true that we do not live any more those times when girls used to get married at the age of 18, 19 or 20 and to give birth immediately after marriage to their first baby. However, there are many teenage girls, who are lonely, and this phenomenon can extend even until the age of 35.

In general, Romanian girls are not lonely, because they know what to do in order to attract boyfriends and to focus on school or career as well. They are aware of the types of girls that men avoid in general.

To continue, we can tell you that girls in Romania know how to behave when they have a boyfriend. They pay a lot of attention to him, therefore they stop going every evening out to a club with another boy and they do not show much interest in their boyfriend’s money. Although nobody says that they do not have other friends, they are able to make the difference between a friend and a lover.

You all know that the adjective “talkative” is usually associated to girls or women. You have to know that most men hate it, and if they are over 40, for example, they hate the idea of “wife” and of getting married. They prefer to have a girlfriend instead of a wife and live every day with you and your big mouth.

If a girl behaves like a future talkative wife, she has all the chances to be replaced with his pals, over a pint of beer. Furthermore, if she is jealous too, her chances of loneliness are close to 100%. We dare say that Romanian girls know this and they try to adapt to their boyfriend’s personality.

In addition, girls in Romania are feminine. They pay attention to their appearance, sometimes even too much attention. Since teenage and the first unwanted hair on their face, under arms or legs they go to beauty salons, often accompanied by their mothers. The mirror is an essential makeup and beauty advisor for them – therefore it has its special place in any Romanian girl’s bag.

They have nice nails and they have an innate taste for harmonious colours. Moreover, if they adapt the makeup colours to their personality, the image cannot be other than a delightful one. They also pay attention to their hairstyle and most of them want to look like divas.

Finally, do not imagine now that girls in Romania are little fairies who can do miracles. No! They are normal girls, who pay much attention to their outlook, in order to be an agreeable presence for everybody around them, not only in order to seduce men. You know, a pretty face and a witty personality are always comforting.

Source by Peter Finch

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