Sacral CHAKRA Crystals and Stones

SACRAL CHAKRA CRYSTALS AND STONES! This video reviews the characteristics of the sacral chakra, along with several crystals and stones that are used to enhance this 2nd chakra. Check out the stones and crystals you can use to work with your sacral chakra!

Wray Dansereau is an astrologer, tarot card reader/instructor and Tarot Artist. She is creating the Rubicon Tarot Deck. All links below:

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Please note: The videos on this channel are for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to serve as financial, legal. medical, psychological advice (or any other professional advice) related to any factual situation. The videos are not intended to relate to any specific readings for any particular querent, person or viewer. The information and scenarios within the videos should not be used in this manner. Please note that Wray does not do tarot readings or provide tarot interpretation through Youtube. Her role is to provide you with information about common tarot card meanings and spreads that can be found within tarot books and documents or through fictional sample readings. Respectfully, Wray requests that you not ask for tarot interpretations of your own reading or spreads for any other person.Thank you for watching.


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