Scorpio – The Emperor of All Zodiac Signs

Those born between October 23 and November 21 are assigned the zodiac sign of Scorpio. This sign is often credited as the most powerful sign of zodiac signs and the Scorpios have the fate to live king size lives according to their wishes. They have dramatic and intense personalities as well as personal relationships. Passion, Power and Prosperity always go hand in hand with Scorpios. Hard work and perseverance is a trait most prized in the Scorpio sign.

General Traits of Scorpios

Scorpios tend to have acute personalities having lots of hidden depths of astuteness and compassionateness which may often trouble people. They are deeply emotional and they accept the pain and feelings that other signs cannot handle. They make exceptional partners and can handle any situation of emotion and personal bonding.

Their magnetism power is very much prominent. Scorpios draw attention towards them easily and can attract others with their charm and personality without difficulty. They are very bold and are not afraid to go into the dark. That is why you will find lots of surgeons and doctors being Scorpios. They always use their skills in a constructive way. The incredible personal magnetism and loyalty towards friends and partners make them a lovable person. They are liked by many but also hated by many.

The darker side of Scorpios are mostly secretive and hidden. They are not open with their many traits and they usually love gaining powers. They are power hungry people and love the luxuries of life. They wish to get them at any cost and for that they are ready to work hard and do tremendous physical work too. Being a Scorpio you very well know you cannot forget some humiliation done to you. They keep grudges and leave no opportunity to take revenge at the right time.

Friendship and Compatibility

Because they are powerful and successful, they have a successful friendship history. They are at times too violent and despotic which may lead to a sore relationship in friendship. The natural jealous nature and overbearing tend to create foes too. Scorpios are very serious when they are into a relationship. They easily pamper partners, argue with them and make up, ease them and truly bond with their partner emotionally. Scorpio is compatible with zodiac signs like Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Career and Health

Intense and passionate Scorpios know what they need in life because they are focused and hard working. They mostly take higher positions in their career field and have the tendency to become renowned figure. In simple words, if you are a Scorpio, you will get what you want because you put everything into it.

Health wise, Scorpios need to pay little attention. They may suffer from ill health due to emotional difficulties. They are also prone to infectious diseases. Because of their stubborn nature to work hard, they may have problems in the intestine, reproductive organs, esophagus, muscles, back, head, mouth and throat.

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