Snow White and the Beggar

In a distant kingdom lived Snow White along with his stepmother. Snow White was sweet, kind and gentle while her stepmother was tough and greedy and was obsessed with the idea of her daughter marrying the richest prince of the court. The young woman who was kind and sweet at the same time was in love with a beggar and he was also in love with her, knowing that the mother of the sweet girl was opposed to his love story, every night the two lovers were secretly Without the cruel mother of the beautiful girl knowing it.

One day, it was announced that all princesses of the royal court were invited to the castle of Prince Philip where his wife would be chosen. Upon learning of the news, the young lady’s stepmother forced her daughter to attend the dance despite her daughter’s refusal to attend that dance. As the postman distributed letters throughout the kingdom, one of them went to the place where the lover of Snow White lived, which after seeing the letter he imagined that at that moment his beloved must have been in that dance and left for the Castle of the mighty prince. In the castle of the king, the prince was impressed by the beauty of the young princess and I invite her to dance and Snow White, despite not wanting to dance with him I accept.

The enamored of the beautiful girl managed to get the royal dance and the princess to see him stopped dancing with the prince of the court and escaped with him, the evil stepmother of Snow White to see them escape together followed. When the two lovers arrived in a hidden forest and Blancanieves began to cry disconsolately not knowing herself understood by his mother, while his love tried to console one of the tears of the sweet young woman fell to the ground and became a fairy godmother, when seeing them. Two surprised lovers explained all their problems, and then the kind fairy gave the two lovers two apples that had the power to convert whoever ate them whom they wanted, and then the fairy godmother disappeared. Before the two lovers had the opportunity to try them, the good girl’s stepmother arrived and began to argue with her and to reproach her for going with a man who lives in humility rather than with the richest prince of the imperial court. Then the kind girl told him that she preferred to live all her life with a humble man whom she really loved than with a rich prince of whom she was not in love, these words came directly to the woman’s heart of ice and began to cry, then her Daughter explained to him the power of the two mates that the fairy godmother gave him and the two took the apples and became humble women and went to live the three together and were happy forever.

Source by Sandra Tetegan

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