Spells to Levitate Objects

Spells to levitate objects are not always much use by themselves. Levitation, or using telekinesis, is actually the ability to tap in to a power within you and this will need time and dedication to build. However, if achieved you will feel great! So I have put together a brief guide on how to use spells to levitate objects, levitation in general and psychic connections.

Firstly, you must appreciate that this is hard to master and can take anything from weeks to months and even years to see rewards for your efforts. However, view it in the same way as learning to ride a bike. You thought you’d never crack it to begin with but now don’t even have to think about it! Where that transition from falling off to riding away confidently comes from is hard to pinpoint but faith certainly has a hand. It is recommended that you try to practise using your spells to levitate objects for at least 20 minutes a day but don’t let yourself get stressed. If you do it simply won’t work so give it up for the time being and start again when you’re calm.

Spells to Levitate Objects or Chants?

You can use spells to levitate the objects or you can also repeat a chant as this will build energies within you. It can be something simple like ‘rise and soar’ which if you say rhythmically and repeatedly will start to take you into a meditative state. It may seem a little ironic to say that you will amass more strength from being relaxed but this is when your spiritual and psychic energies are likely to be at their most accessible. You will find the connection is stronger.

If using a spell to levitate the object, then try to write your own. It will be much more personal, have more potency and you can also tailor it to fit the objects as you work your way through them. So for example, write your spell to levitate a feather specifically moving up to a matchbox etc. It needn’t be long or complicated. Just try to include as many personal things in it as possible, such as what you wish to achieve and feel.

Psychic Energy Fields

Start to work on visualising your energy. You will need to see it as a surrounding light (many choose the colour blue as it is a spiritual colour). If you use psychic protection you will already be used to working with this. Then you will need to start to give some real strength to this power. You can imagine  forming the shape of an arm if it helps but see it as a power with force -a part of you that you can flex and use almost as another limb. It is this projection that you will be using for the telekinesis.

For your first project you will need to try to start moving a very light object so something like a pencil or a feather. However, please make sure that all windows and doors are closed and that there’s no drafts around. It can be deceptive! At this stage you will only want to try to get the object to move. Don’t expect anything to dramatic to happen. This is not a party trick, it’s about developing your senses and powers.  Visualise the object moving and also focus on where you want it to move to. Start with moving it slightly to the right, then to the left. It is extremely difficult to move objects off of the ground or surface of your work space but ultimately this is what you are working towards.

Most importantly, have fun with your spells to levitate objects or whatever methods of telekinesis you choose to use. Practise makes perfect but have faith and you will reach extraordinary heights!

Source by Francesca Ashcroft

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