Supernatural Synchronicity of the Holy Scriptures

The Original Writers of the Holy Scriptures were scholars acutely tuned to the Mind of God. (2nd Peter 1:21, 2nd Timothy 3:16) Many of the scholars who translated the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures into English were not acquainted with the Inner Teaching. Those scholars who were acquainted with the Higher Sciences deliberately tried to conceal the Keys. In modern times as contemporary translations of the Holy Writ were produced the precious Keys have been further obscured.

What is the significance of the Holy Temple of Solomon (1st Kings 6:7)? Where is the evidence of its existence? We still have the Holy Pyramid Altar of Giza, which has existed from antiquity. Whether the Holy Temple of Solomon existed or not, we know that it is symbolic of a Greater Truth -the Human Being! (1st Corinthians 3:16 & 17)

Beneath the surface of the Holy Narrative is an underlying Reality. The Holy Bible -from beginning to end- is a tightly woven fabric of mathematics. The Holy Bible is “mathematical” in the sense that it adheres to an order. Each letter, each word, and each verse is a precisely placed note composing a Holy Symphony.

When examined under the Light of Mathematics, the Books of Genesis, John, and Hebrews are revealed to be three links in a continuous chain of transmission corroborating the Qabalistic underpinnings. The Qabalah offers a systematic approach to God. The Tree of Life diagram (aka “Jacob’s Ladder”) is a map of the process of drawing nigh to God.

Hebrews 1:1 begins with “God,” as in Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1. God is One. (Deut. 6:4) Verse One corresponds to the First Sephirah (the Crown) in the Tree of Life (aka ‘Etz ha Hayyim).

Hebrews 1:2 mentions “The Son” Yahshua’, just as in John 1:2 (and corresponds to the Second Sephirah- “Wisdom”). Genesis 1:2 mentions the “Spirit of God,” which is the Holy Shekinah Spirit- the feminine aspect of Deity. The Heavenly Union of The Holy Father and The Holy Mother Spirit produces Yahshua’ The Holy Son, which is the Light (that appears in verse 3 of Genesis 1) and the Radiance of God’s Glory. (Hebrews 1:3) John 1:3 and Hebrews 1:3, respectively, express that Yahshua’ created all and sustains all.

John 1:4 and Genesis 1:4 are so synchronized that they can be read as an amalgam:

In Him was Life and the Life was the Light of men. And God saw that the Light was good, and God divided the Light from the darkness.

In John 1:5 the darkness does not comprehend the Light. In Genesis 1:5 the Day and the Night is the Light and the darkness which was “separated” in Genesis 1:4. Likewise, one cannot comprehend, or understand the contents of the Holy Bible when one separates themselves through disbelief. The unbeliever stumbles about in darkness separated from the Light.

Verse 6 of Hebrews 1 is synchronized with the Sixth Day of Creation, the day Man is created (Genesis 1:24-31). The Sixth Day corresponds to the Sixth Sephirah in the Tree of Life -known as “Beauty”-the Christ Sphere.

Number Seven signifies “Holiness to God.” God blessed the Seven and sanctified it. (Genesis 2:3) All of Creation has a septenary constitution. The Holy Bible is based on a Number Seven code. Verse 7 of Hebrews 1 speaks about God’s Angels. There are seven Archangels (Revelation 16:1). Angels are beings, once human, who have spiritually advanced up the evolutionary chain of Humanity. Angels possess a biological constitution with a higher rate of vibration than our own. The Angelic Realm is the intermediary stage between God and Man.

Yahshua’ attained the Highest Level (Higher than that of the highest angel) and everything is subjected to him! (Hebrews 2:8&9) Yahshua’ is given The Superior Name. (Philippians 2:9-11) The Superiority of The Name Yahshua’ is reflected in its mathematical composition, which is 386. 386 divided by 6 = 64 1/3.

The number 64 is a highly significant number because it demonstrates how even secular and seemingly mundane things all point to Christ Yahshua’. The 64th word of the King James Version of the Book of Genesis is light (Yahshua’).The ancient Chinese oracle of the I-Ching (the Book of Changes) consists of 64 hexagrams which reveal comprehensive answers to any question. Christ is our Oracle Who, unlike the prophets of old who were only given a portion of the revelation, is the Fullest and Exact Expression of The Father, Who explains all things to us. (John 4:25 & 26, John 4:29) There are 64 squares on the chessboard (32 black and 32 white). Most Masonic lodges have checkerboard pattern floors, like that of King Solomon’s Temple. The checkerboard pattern alludes to the universal interplay of the forces of good (light) and evil (darkness).

The number 64 is 8 squared. The number 8 is significant because it is the Christ Number and it expresses the Infinite nature of Christ.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, says the Lord God, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty. (Revelation 1:8)

The timeless symbol for infinity is (numeral 8 lying on its side). Verse 8 in Hebrews 1 mentions the eternal reign of King Yahshua’. The “1/3” signifies that Yahshua is one-third of the Triune (Three in One) Nature of God.

In John1:9, Yahshua’ the True Light comes into the world to enLIGHTen everyone. The Hebrew version of John 1:9 consists of nine words.

The main words in verse 9 are True (Emeth) and Light (Aur). The gematria of Emeth (True/Truth) is 441 (4+4+1=9). The gematria of Aur (Light) is 207 (2+0+7=9).

Verse 10 of Genesis 1, John 1, and Hebrews 1 each contain all the symbolism associated with the 10th Sephirah (the Kingdom). The “Kingdom” sphere represents the Earth and the realm of physical manifestation. As we know, the number 10 signifies “completion.” The Hebrew word “tov” is translated as “good” in Genesis 1:10. Tov conveys the sense of God being satisfied with His handiwork -perfect and complete. Hebrews 1:10 implies that God has ten fingers. This corresponds to the total number of Sephiroth in the ‘Etz ha Hayyim (the Tree of Life).

It is evident that the Original Writers of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures were Adepts of the Holy Qabalah.

Source by Elyah Israel

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