Tarot 101 : Understanding The Major Arcana aka The Fool's Journey or The Hero's Journey

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In this video about The Major Arcana portion of the tarot, which traces what is commonly referred to as The Fool’s Journey or The Hero’s Journey (I personally like to think of it as The Soul’s Journey), I touch on the following topics :

– Joseph Campbell, an expert on mythology and the author of The Power Of Myth, was a mentor to George Lucas and often cited Star Wars as a great example of The Hero’s Journey.

– Three books I recommend for people who are looking to learn tarot and the Major Arcana specifically : Tarot Wisdom by Rachel Pollack, The Complete Guide To Tarot Illuminati by Kim Huggens, Tarot As A Way Of Life – A Jungian Approach To The Tarot by Karen Hammaker-Zondag

– How to break the Major Arcana down in order to represent the three levels of consciousness : Conscious, Unconscious, Super-Conscious

– How The 3 layers of consciousness represented in the Major Arcana align with the classic three act story structure that is used by many writers.

– The Happy Tarot by Serena Ficca

– The Tarot Illumanit by Erik C. Dunne

– The movie, The Martian, and how it is a good example of The Hero’s Journey and a reminder that The Journey Is The Destination.

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